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  1. Well, I downloaded and scanned successfully with the new Ad-aware. It only caught a few cookies. What is that error, what caused it, and need I worry further? Thanks.
  2. Could not run Adaware at all. Just hung there or crashed. Then this message came up: An error has occurred in Ad-Aware! Component: TFormAAW Message: Access violation at address 00564D6C in module 'Ad-Aware.exe'. Read of address 00000294 Send this message to Lavasoft Support Team (bla bla bla) and also what you just did to help us track down this error. Ad-Aware now terminates. EAccessViolation I kept trying to open Ad aware and also do a scan. Neither scan type would work. I kept closing it and reopening it. Then at some point this popped up. I do not recall the PRECISE thing I was doing at the time. I just know I've been trying to do a scan for about an hour without success.