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  1. [quote name='SpySentinel' post='114641' date='Dec 22 2009, 02:19 AM']Hi swami7774, What object is Ad-Aware having a problem removing?[/quote] That's the problem: I can't tell. It quits before identifying what it is. The program just freezes up and I have to force-quit the thing.
  2. I've downloaded and reinstalled the latest Ad-Aware 5 separate times. All 5 times it has run partially through a scan(full or smart), found "an object" and immediately crashed. This never happened with the earlier versions. Is this latest version a bust? FYI I'm running Windows XP.
  3. I've downloaded 8.1 repeatedly, and it simply doesn't run without freezing up my computer. Until Lavasoft sends out a fix, I want to go back to the 2009 Anniversary Edition. Unfortunately, I can't find any site for a download. They all mirror back to 8.1 Suggestions?
  4. Okay, I'll try it. FYI, I uninstalled and reinstalled Ad-Aware again yesterday(using the built-in uninstall) and am getting the same lockup problems. Whatever recent update Lavasoft put in is causing this, I think.
  5. Why revo uninstall? Is the built-in uninstall in Lavasoft not good enough?
  6. I've been using Ad-Aware for years (free edition)with no problems--until yesterday. I ran the most recent web update, then tried to scan. The program locks up and shuts itself off every time. I uninstalled, then reinstalled, but am getting the same problem. Any thoughts?
  7. I just ran the web update on Adaware, and now I can't open it. I keep getting an notice saying "As-Aware has shut down unexpectedly and has generated an error report." Anyone know about this?