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  1. Hello Casey Thanks for the suggestion. I had assumed that as it seemed that I couldn't get anywhere near XP boot-up I wouldn't be able to get in to safe mode. However, I've tried & got it to start safe mode boot up, but it froze after listing the .sys files in the Windows directory. I tried again, but instead put it in to the last known good config., & it booted ok. After removing Ad-Aware & re-booting it's come back o.k in to Windows. Thanks very much for your help, it looks very much as if it's done the trick Boothby
  2. I've had Ad-aware Free ver (?) on my Dell Inspiron 1501 for some time. I have previously upgraded to the Anniversary Edition, but there were problems, so I reverted to the 7.0xxx version. Today I've re-installed Anniversary with out any problem in the installation. However, when I tried to run it the Laptop crashed in to the blue screen, and indicated that the fault was probably due to a sys file. As far as I can remember the file was ldp.sys or lbp.sys or similar. It will now not boot in to Windows (XP Home Multimedia). All I get is the Dell intro screen & the facility to enter boot menu setup etc. From that point it hangs up on an empty black screen. I'll be very grateful if any one can suggest a way of recovering it. Many thanks Boothby