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  1. Hi Casey Windows Install Clean-Up Utility fixed the problem. Thanks for taking the time to sort me out.
  2. Tks for the reply No, but I do have AVG anti virus, Zone alarm and the Spybot resident. But it still errors in Safe Mode
  3. Hi There. Be gentle with the new boy please Whilst trying to install Ad-Aware AE, I get the following error message. 'A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file C:\Users\Trev\AppData\Local\Temp\mia1\Ad-AwareAE.msi' Which is not realy surprising, as it's not in the location given, but a whole bunch of other A-A files are present. I have the installation prog on my desktop downloaded from http://download.cnet.com/Ad-Aware-Free-Ant....html?tag=mncol I have Vista Ultimate and am logged on as an administrator. I also right click and choose 'Run as Administrator'. This occurred whilst updating from a previous version, but I have since cleaned most everything to do with Ad_aware out of my computer but it still produces the above error message when attempting an install. Any Ideas please? Trevor PS. I just tried installing in Safe mode. Another error message 'The Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Started'