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  1. Ad-Aware is in the Windows scheduled task (4 times I tried to set it), but says never ran. How do I get it to run daily like I want it to?
  2. The display drop-down only shows the dates that I did a manual scan. No automatic scans.
  3. I have the pro version of Ad-Aware. I set up a scheduled scan for daily that scans the full system. How do I know if it's working? It doesn't tell me anything the next day (scheduled at night). I look at the main page and it doesn't say anything under the scheduled scan area (last time scanned). I look at the scan now area and it only shows the scan that I did manually. It seems this is no different then the free version of Ad-Aware. What extra did I get? How do I know if it is actually scanning daily like I set it up? Thanks, Nate