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  1. George1 Reply to Visitor: I have been running AVG 9 with all compontents active all the time (includes Resident Shield & Link Scanner). No problems with AVG (except for a possible false positive indicating had "active threats on this page") until I have fired up Ad-Aware with Ad-Watch Live (just now, after starting Ad-Aware, 36 processes grew to occupy tens of megabytes of memory each; after running SmartRAM multiple times, I cleared 289 MB of RAM!). Do you think I should turn off either Ad-Aware Ad-Watch Live or AVG Resident Sield to avoid conflict?
  2. Opening AAW Free 8.1.1 seems to cause 30 to 40 Processes on my computer to BLOOM to tens of mega bytes of memory each. I can reduce the memory hogs by running a utility like SmartRAM multiple times. But what is causing the problem? I should not have to FIX some kind of problem everytime I open AAW. Did not have a problem with the Anniversary Edition, although that was much slower than previously. I do have an old machine, but something is causing an unnecessary problem. Running XP Home Edition 2002 w/ SP3, with AVG Free 9.0.704, Zone Alarm, 1.99G of RAM????? The only solution I have found is to AVOID turning on AAW until I need to run a scan overnight. (It takes in excess of 8 hrs to scan my machine. Please don't address this problem - only provided for info to help solve the BIG problem of memory expansion. Just ran my utility & reduced memory usage by 33, 72, 0, 79, 0, 66 MB for each run, or a total of 250MB)