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  1. No, me too since Oct. 11, also in the Definition file update for Ad-Aware the last version ist from Oct. 11. Let´s wait a little, it´s not the first time. Waiting was helpful, now the update worked, also on the update page it is up-to-date.
  2. Me too, the definition file update page still shows 1st of November.
  3. Problem seems to be solved after today´s update, no more detection.
  4. On my PC I got the same result yesterday, but I haven´t running AdAware in the background, I run every day a scan, therefore it didn´t disturb Avira.
  5. The problem seems to be solved, one hour ago the update worked without problems.
  6. Sorry, I forgot to write that I still use AdAware 9.6.
  7. I hope to be in the right theme with my question. Since 9th of July there had been no definition updates via AdAware and on the definition files page Is this a known problem?
  8. Today the update worked again without any problem, Ver. 0150.0687. I hope the the problems are solved.
  9. Wow, the update to version 0150.0686 worked without any problem at 19:55 CET.
  10. I´m also a little astonished, the last update was from 13[sup]th[/sup] Jan., in [url=""]Definition file update for Ad-Aware[/url] the lastest version is 15th Jan.. When I klick the Web-Update I get the message "Software is already up to date, what´s going on?
  11. [quote name='CeciliaB' timestamp='1326298828' post='131977'] Hi Gio7707, You probably has the latest, check its number. It is another problem now, see [url=""]http://www.lavasofts...ssues-01500675/[/url] [/quote] Ok, that are the facts. But with thousands of new malware files per day Ad-Aware seems to be a little antique and insecure, that´s my point of view.
  12. Additional info: I have the same problem, the last update via the update-button is from 7.1.12, the last on is from 8.1.12, today is 10.1.12. What happens? Using the, see above, I´ve got the files from today????
  13. How to you will find: [url=""]http://www.lavasoft....efinitions-file[/url] within you find the address [url=""][/url]
  14. Thank you, some minutes ago the update passed without any problems.
  15. Problem seems to be solved, the update worked some minutes ago.