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  1. [quote name='aggs' post='111759' date='Oct 15 2009, 06:20 AM']Installed latest version of Adaware free today on pc (Windows XP) and laptop (Vista). No problem on the pc. On the laptop the scan starts ok but stops after about 1 minute and 12762 scanned objects, showing as current object [enumerating clsid's]. Stop scan button does not work but I can get out by closing the scan window. I have removed the programme and downloaded/installed it again. Rerunning the scan gives the same problem. ??????[/quote] I have experienced the same problem with the free version - pc w/Vista, multiple attempts stopping after 16,261; 16,518 and 15,988 also showing section: "critical areas" and [enumerating clsid's]. BUT hitting the stop scan button of this first and full scan brought no reaction with every attempt. To stop the program each time, I was forced to disconnect the power to the cpu!! I uninstalled and reinstalled. No improvement. I completely uninstalled and downloaded from FileHyppo (first downoad was from Lavasoft). Installed again and same problem as well as not stopping. With the exception of being unable to stop, this failure is the same as as the first one listed (marked "CLOSED") which brought an acknowledgement of this part of the unresolved problem. My internet connection is via modem. It took more than 5 hours to complete each of the two downloads! I have used the pre- version without problems. I am concluding that this version should not have seen the light of day and was not properly Beta tested! It doesn't seem worth the continued effort (and an additional 5 hour "investment") to get it running!!! Any indication that the same problem is also occuring with the versions being paid for???