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  1. So I got a new motherboard, I have a key for AdAware AE Pro from an online promo offer. I got a new motherboard and I have a RAID 0 array and the RAID driver from the first mobo wasn't compatible with the new mobo, so it couldn't see my RAID 0 array. So I format the drives and go to re-install and put my key in on Adaware using the exact same installer I had used the last time, now it says that I have to contact Lavasoft to get the fingerprint transferred because it sees this as a different computer. No problem, except that I CAN'T GET IN TOUCH WITH ANY ONE! There is no "Email us" link, I registered for an acct on Lavasoft and there is no where I can put in my key, no "contact us" link for email, every link is for "non technical inquiries only. So I'm following the FAQs, I'm following this link to this place and this link to this place and there is no link for "Hey, valued customer, why not just type your problem in this box and we can get back to you in 24/48 hours on your problem." No, because that would ONLY MAKE SENSE!. Now this is a fantastic product, and until about an hour ago I had a support logo up on my web site basically being like "Hey, try this, I like it and you will to." But to be quite frank, I have never seen a company that makes it so hard to get in touch with support. Now, how do I get this fingerprint transferred to my computer with a new motherboard. The mobo, processor and ram have all three changed, everything else is the same.