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  1. [quote name='visitor' post='113953' date='Dec 3 2009, 11:54 PM']I just read about this on another forum. Apparently it was a problem with avast definitions causing false positives with programs based on Delphi. If you update avast, you should be OK as long as you quarantined and didn't delete files. [url=""][/url][/quote] I just now (unconnected to your advice) updated Avast. And I "moved to chest", which I believe is their equivalent of quarantine. I will see what happens. Thanks for the tip. OK - before I sent this reply, I tried my email and it seems to be back. That did the trick. It seemed to have been doing some looping. Whatever it was it's gone now. I hope this thread helps others. Thanks to the other responder, too.
  2. Yesterday I tried to run Ad-Aware 2008. That caused the following:[list] [*]I immediately got several warnings from my Avast Virus protection that I had an infection. [*]I quarantined the virus file - which was named Win32: Delf-MZG[Trj] [*]I got the warning again [*]I quarantined again [*]This repeated several times [*]I ended up shutting down Ad-Aware [*]The warning kept coming up, and I quarantined every time [*]I ended up having to uninstall Ad-Aware [*]This got rid of the warnings [*]However, my Mozilla Thunderbird email started locking up, which it had never done before [*]Now, EVERY action in Thunderbird pauses for 40-90 seconds - opening emails, deleting them, moving them [/list] CAN ANYONE HELP ME??????? PLEASE! I use my email more than anything else, and this is making it unbearable - not to mention costing me efficiency and money, since I use my email a LOT in my work. HELP! [b]Why does this program not have tech support that can be called?[/b]