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  1. I am running a I7 920 with 6 gig of ram and GTX285 Video card on Windows 64 Ultimate. My wife has a computer the same and my son has a Pentium D 920 with 2 gig of ram and a 7900GT Video card using Windows XP professional platform. We use Kaspersky for anti virus protection. We run this through a gigabit network using Netgear switch and modem/router. I installed the Ad-Aware game edition trial version to use as my son recently had his WOW account hacked due to a keylogger. We used Ad-Aware SE on my sons computer and found the keylogger and some others and deleted them however on my machine with the game edition if I do a profile scan it works fine however if I try to do a full system scan it scans files for a few minutes then without warning my computer reboots. I tired this a few times and the same thing happened. If I open the Ad-Aware window it says Web Update status as OK.... Scan system status as OK and Ad-Watch Live! real time protection on. I originally installed the Ad-Aware standard free version and this did exactly the same thing however works fine on my wife's computer. Any suggestions or ideas?