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  1. UGH. Yeah... OR I could uninstall Ad-Aware and try a different scanner....
  2. Windows XP Professional SP2 IE6 FF2 I am obviously infected with some sort of trojan or adware. The bug hogs computer resources and launches random browser windows with ads. I have updated the free Ad-Aware to the latest versions of everything including the definitions. I have performed a full scan several times. Usually the scans find 1 or 2 infections and I choose to "remove all" then restart. Once I restart the infections are back and I still get ad popups. Reformatting is not an option. Please help! Thanks in advance! The following is a list of some of the items in Quarantine Win32.Adware.Virtumonde Win32.Adware.Virtumonde/C Win32.Trojan.Neptunia Win32.Trojan.Obfuscated Win32.Worm.Autorun This is a list of all my running processes after a fresh restart AAWService.exe AAWTray.exe AGRSMMSG.exe alg.exe AppleMobileDeviceService.exe BTNtService.exe csrss.exe eabservr.exe HP Wireless Assistant.exe hpqwmi.exe lsass.exe LVComSX.exe LPrcSrv.exe realsched.exe rundll32.exe scardsvr.exe services.exe SMAgent.exe SMax4PNP.exe smss.exe spoolsv.exe svchost.exe SynTPEnh.exe SynTPLpr.exe System System Idle Process taskmgr.exe tfswctrl.exe TSVNCache.exe uscapp.exe vsmon.exe winlogon.exe wmiprvse.exe wmpnetwk.exe