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  1. @Computer Wizard - thanks, but my point was to provide notice to Lavasoft (since I'm a freeloader and don't have direct access to their support department) that they have a functionality problem. I know how to disable, remove, and/or uninstall the Download Guard. (Can be done either in the IE add-ons manager, or indeed it is now a separate installed program which may be removed from Add/Remove programs // Windows 7 Programs & Features).
  2. I disabled the Ad-Aware 8.3.0 Download Guard plug-in for Internet Explorer (I'm running IE 8 on Windows 7 Ultimate x64) because it interfered with the Vonage voicemail webpage .wav voicemail file downloads. With Download Guard enabled, clicking on the link to listen to a voicemail file on the Vonage voicemail webpage resulted in Download Guard asking to open the file "view.htm", which fails to result in the actual voicemail .wav file being downloaded and opened. More generally, I've also noticed - not sure if these were also media files, or if they were other file types as well - that Download Guard would apparently download the file, check it, find it to be okay, then do nothing at all when I clicked the 'open' button in the Download Guard window to continue.
  3. [quote name='visitor' post='114993' date='Jan 5 2010, 02:03 PM']I think you're stuck on equating the Settings button with Full Scan. The Settings button is available from all 4 Advanced Mode Screens (Main, Scan, Ad-Watch, Extras). If you're on the Scan screen and click the Settings button, it opens up to the Profile Scans tab with Default Profile highlighted (the other Settings tabs are for Update, Ad-Watch, and Customize). As Casey said, what you want is to unclick cookies and run a Profile Scan.[/quote] What I want is an easy way to scan every file on my system - without having to manually add various drives and intermittently attached devices - i.e. a scan of the Full system (thus, Full scan), but with some control over things which shouldn't be forced (Tracking cookies) because they're not real threats... I also point out, based on the way the tool currently works, that the Settings button perhaps should be moved or marked to make it clear that it does NOT control the Full scan.
  4. [quote name='casey_boy' post='114966' date='Jan 4 2010, 01:45 PM']Hi guys, That's strange because slow GUI loading was defintely a problem with 8.1.0 to 8.1.2 - however, the issue seemed to have been solved, at least for most (myself included), in version 8.1.3 Could you let us know some system specs and what other security products are installed. Casey[/quote] Um. I guess I spoke too soon, remembering the 8.1.pre-3 launch behavior. Actually, now, even on a heavily loaded (albeit quite beefy) system, full access to the UI was available about 10 seconds after I launched the Ad-Aware link. Sorry for the erroneous report.. Jay
  5. [quote name='casey_boy' post='114968' date='Jan 4 2010, 02:01 PM']Hi, You can't configure the full scan settings, you can only configure profile scans. I think you have configured the default profile to ignore the tracking cookies. As such, you need to run a the profile scan and not the full scan. Hope that makes sense, Casey[/quote] Not really. So, either a) the Settings button is built in the user interface in a way which (incorrectly) suggests that it applies to the Full scan, or b) the Settings for the full scan DOES show Tracking Cookies as a disablable option, but really that setting is ignored. Neither's a good thing. Feature request: Please make it possible to configure "Full" scans to NOT report on Tracking Cookies AT ALL. Tracking cookies are evil to some people, but for most of us they are a nuisance because they make the results of security scanners very verbose about something extremely low risk. Thanks, Jay Libove, CISSP, CIPP
  6. The Full scan page offers a Settings control, in which searching for Tracking Cookies can be de-selected... yet the full scan always reports tracking cookies. I simply never want to hear about Tracking Cookies. Lavasoft, please correct this so that the Full scan page honors the un-checked Tracking Cookies box on its settings page, and simply ignores all tracking cookies, always. Thanks, Jay
  7. [quote name='Ford12' post='114962' date='Jan 4 2010, 10:56 AM']Hello I have ad-aware ver 8.1.3 and its really slow to open I've had to advise my customers to not use it and find another programme. Ford12[/quote] I concur that Ad Aware v8.1.x is remarkably slow to start up its user interface, and indeed this deserves some attention... but I find it quite hard to decide to switch to a different security product, where the great majority of the normal user's experience with a product is without ever seeing its user interface, simply because the UI is slow to start. Has anyone got the opposite experience -- that the Ad Aware v8.1.x UI starts very promptly? In which case we might try to figure out what causes it. Cheers, Jay