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  1. As visitor said, Firefox also has its own popup blocker, make sure that it is enabled. Go Tools -> Options -> Content What i have found works better than NoScript is the [url=""]Adblock Plus[/url] add-on. Also since ads are a vector for malware it is a good idea to block all those ads from being downloaded. For those that get charged for the amount or are limited to a certain amount of bandwidth per month from their provider this can make a big difference in your monthly bill too. cressy
  2. Looks like you're going to need the help of one of the Volunteer Security Advisers. First you need to read these [url=""]Instructions[/url] and then you can post your logs to the [url=""]Hijack This Forum[/url]. cressy
  3. Both windows defender and norton anti virus have real time protection that could conflict with Ad-Aware. The free version of Ad-aware does a lot of the same things as windows defender and if you are using the paid versions(plus/pro) then it will also have anti virus. To test this out you will need to either disable or remove them to know for sure. You may have to make some choices as to what products you want to use as it is never recommended to have more than one real time protection app running doing the same job. There still is a chance as you suspected that there might be some malware on your system now. To rule that out you could post your log to the Hijack This forum and have it looked at. cressy
  4. Help is here for users of the free or paid versions, it just might be faster going through Lavasoft Support. The forums are the only place that the free users can get help, i just wanted to point out your options. You say there is stuff from previous versions of Ad-Aware. Then it a good idea to clean that out too and then reinstall. Don't forget to remove Download Guard and Ad-Aware then put back Ad-Aware then then Download Guard add-on Even though it shows Files Protection is still off it could be on if Security Center is not complaining that there is no anti-virus? There have been some reports of this happening. cressy
  5. Quarantine is used to isolate and backup objects detected during an Ad-Aware scan. You then have the option to restore them at a later time. Objects that are quarantined will be encrypted and compressed, and can only be read and restored using the Ad-Aware Quarantine list. Objects stored in Quarantine do not pose a threat to your computer. Restore Quarantined Objects In the Quarantine list, select the quarantined object or objects you would like to restore by selecting “Restore” from the Action drop-down menu. When you click “Perform Actions Now,” the object/objects will be restored to your system. Also you should submit these file to the [url=""]False Positives - Ad-Aware forum[/url]. Read these [url=""]Instructions[/url] first. cressy
  6. If you want to post your log you should read through these [url=""]Instructions[/url] first, then you can post your log to our [url=""]Hijack This Forum[/url] cressy
  7. There must still be remnants of McAfee on your system. Try using [url=""]Revo Uninstaller[/url] to see if it can find anything left over from McAfee. If it does find some stuff then try the reinstall of Ad-Aware again. Also I forgot to point out earlier that since you are using a paid version you can also contact [url=""]Lavasoft Support[/url] for email or live chat support. cressy
  8. Try uninstall of Ad-Aware then reinstall and then see if it works by following these steps. You should makes sure that Ad-Aware is shut down first. Use [url=""]Revo Uninstaller[/url] to make sure it is a clean uninstall. Reboot your computer. Download the installer again. Shutdown any other running programs and install Ad-Aware. How did you make out? cressy
  9. Good chance you are right that you have got an infection of some kind. For assistance with this, first read these [url=""]instructions[/url], then post to our [url=""]Hijack This Forum[/url]. cressy
  10. You're welcome. Now that this is resolved i'll close this topic. If you need this topic reopened contact a Valued Member/moderator all other please start a new topic. cressy
  11. While you are doing what i suggested in the other post uninstall Download Guard at the same time, then after Ad-Aware is reinstalled and working reinstall Download Guard. cressy
  12. When it is being installed it checks for other running anti virus software and disables whatever will cause conflicts but i'm not sure if it checks again at any other time. So try uninstalling Ad-Aware and then reinstalling and see if it then see that McAfee is gone. cressy
  13. That is one of the most nasty worms that has infected windows based computers over the past 2 years. Microsoft put out a patch to keep computers from getting infected with this worm. I guess you have not yet applied the patch and let this into your system. It usually gets on your computer through removable media like USB drives or across a LAN. Now you will need expert help to remove this worm. First read these [url=""]instructions[/url], then post to our [url=""]Hijack This Forum[/url]. cressy
  14. The problem is that there are still bugs in the Ad-Aware email scanner. These problems are being worked on. Open the Ad-Aware GUI and go into the Extras section, there you can enable/disable the email scanner. Or you can disable it in Outlook add-ons. The warning sound is most likely because your computer is getting a bit too hot when it runs at 100% CPU for any length of time. When it reaches the first threshold it gives a warning sound if it reaches the next threshold it shuts down the computer to avoid damage. Looks like you need to go Dust Bunny Hunting soon especially with the hotter weather coming upon us. cressy
  15. cressy


    If they want to push a more secure browser then they should be pushing the virtues of Firefox. I too complained when they started adding the google browser to the installer. cressy