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  1. Thank you Visitor. You answered fully. Much appreciated. It sounds like with the license, one can bring on the components one wants. I was aware of the free Ad-Aware, but C-NET described its malware protection as much lacking compared to the paid version. That is what prompted my question about paying for pro and using just the malware protection.
  2. I want to use the most robust malware software possible. I already have bitdefender AV I am newly subscribed to. Can I download pro to get the malware protection I am looking for without having to install the AV also ? I know it is a waste of money to be buying the PRO without using the AV. In the end, if I can be convinced Pro's AV is superior to bit defender, I will uninstall b d and install PRO. Anyway I go, I will be wasting money. But that is the price for subscribing what I hope will be (from what I read) an excellent malware protection. Sorry for not doing my research (and I would be fine with following your directions to find where I can read up), but is there a brief way in describing the distinction between the software and the Anniversary issue ?