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  1. Not sure why I received email notification of this thread but before I make sure I'm unsubscribed to anything and everything on this forum let me just post my bottom line because your post sounds all too familiar... After paying for a one year subscription to Ad-Aware in 2009 I never renewed the subscription due to multiple problems... one of which is exactly what you described. Not only did this program have some serious limitations with the design of its interface but... and this is my bottom line... as far as I'm concerned, this program is a virus in itself. Despite my settings, not only did it quarantine files without my knowledge but by the time I found out, I was unable to retrieve them, and I was never able to get the proper assistance here. There are much better programs out there.
  2. [quote name='visitor' post='119744' date='May 25 2010, 07:22 AM']Update: Lavasoft was able to reproduce the Notifications settings problem with 8.2.3, so it has been reported to the dev team to work on it.[/quote] That's great news... In the meantime I'll still post my progress... The Suppress Notifications setting is stored in \Users\All Users\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\settings.dat I verified this file constantly changes back and forth between one of the two backups I made... one was made when Suppress Notifications was checked... the other was made when it was unchecked. The file just changed at 1:22 PM so I took a look at Norton's Security History. It shows an Unauthorized Access Logged (Access Process Data) with the same time. Here are the Advanced Details of that log... Actor: aawservice.exe Actor PID: 1368 Target: ccsvchst.exe in the Norton directory Target PID: 1848 Action: Access Process Data Reaction: Unauthorized Access Logged I'll check to see if this log is present each time the settings.dat file changes.
  3. [quote name='visitor' post='119698' date='May 23 2010, 01:34 PM']Not sure where AAW stores the settings, but you may want to try only 1 resident protection program to avoid conflicts. Maybe Norton is causing the problems, especially since it runs every 1/2 hr, but this is speculation since I'm not a programmer, LOL.[/quote] One thing's for sure, Ad-Aware 8.2.3 didn't fix the problem. I just checked now and Suppress Notification has been re-enabled, so the situation is still there. I agree about a possible conflict between two programs... I just think it's odd the conflict would result in Norton changing an Ad-Aware "setting". At this point I'm going to try what I suggested in my last post and change Norton's "Idle Times Scans" from "Off" (since it apparently doesn't work) to "Quarterly" in an attempt to get it to finish whatever it's doing, then stop it for a three month period, so I can monitor Ad-Aware during that time. That will at least tell me if the Norton scans are causing the problem. I'm also changing the "Idle Time Out" setting from 30 minutes to 5 minutes to make it easier to monitor exactly what Norton does once the computer is idle. One reason for this is their forum states "If a quick scan is running during idle and the system becomes active, it will continue to run until completed. However, if a full system scan is running during idle and the system becomes active, the scan will be suspended until the system enters an idle state again at which time the scan will continue from where it left off." It was referring to Norton 2009 but I doubt this has changed with Norton 2010. I just want to see what the heck it's doing during idle time because all I get is a box in the lower right corner that says "Norton Internet Security is Currently Performing Background Tasks" which isn't very specific.
  4. [quote name='visitor' post='119681' date='May 23 2010, 04:39 AM']Lavasoft hasn't had any major user reports with the driver error, but wanted to confirm which version of Ad-Aware. Are you still using 8.2.2 or did you upgrade to 8.2.3?[/quote] Since the last time I posted, I completely uninstalled Ad-Aware and ran CCleaner to eliminate any registry entries. I then downloaded the newest version of Ad-Aware (8.2.2 at the time) and started over. I re-enabled automatic updates, since disabling them the last time didn't seem to make any difference, but the Suppress Notifications box continued to check itself. I now noticed I'm up to 8.2.3 and the Suppress Notifications box is checked again. However, I haven't looked at the settings in a while so it's possible the box was checked prior to the 8.2.3 update. I just unchecked the box and will see what happens. Although I tried to figure out what was causing that box to automatically enable itself, I can't say for sure, but there have been multiple times I would swear it's enabled when the computer is just sitting idle for long periods of time. That makes me wonder if Norton 2010 is an issue since it runs a scan when the system is idle for 30 minutes. This may sound too coincidental but Norton runs the scan even though I turned off the "Idle Times Scans" setting... my only issue with Norton. If Ad-Aware 8.2.3 continues to enable the Supress Notifications option, my next move is to change Norton's "Idle Times Scans" from "Off" to "Monthly". At least that might delay the scans for a while so I can monitor Ad-Aware during that period. So this leads me to a question... Where is the Ad-Aware Suppress Notifications setting stored? It's either in the registry or in a file... anyone know the specifics? I figure if I know where the setting is stored I can monitor that specific file or registry location which might help find an answer. Thanks.
  5. [quote name='65Cobra' post='119323' date='Apr 28 2010, 12:04 PM']Good idea and I'll do that starting now. In the meantime it's changed twice since my last post but today I noticed it a lot sooner and it may be changing anytime I do a Windows update (I'm running Windows 7 Professional btw). I'll also try to keep an eye on that. Thanks. Dave[/quote] The Suppress Notifications issue continues, however I was in Event Viewer today and noticed two ongoing errors... Since 1/16/2010 there have been 224 Errors for Event ID 7026: Service Control Manager "The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load: SBRE" Since 2/3/2010 there have been 255 Errors for Event ID 1060: Application Popup "\??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\SBREdrv.sys has been blocked from loading due to incompatibility with this system. Please contact your software vendor for a compatible version of the driver." I checked for the related files and found the following: C:\Program Files (x86)\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\SBRE.dll (v3.1.2849) C:\ProgramData\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Update \SBRE.dll (v3.1.2849) C:\ProgramData\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Update\Drivers\SBREDrv.sys (v3.1.2839) I also checked the contents of their respective ".compressed" files and they contain the same versions noted above. I was going to post this separately but I didn't know if this might be the cause of my issue with Supress Notifications. Thanks Dave
  6. [quote name='visitor' post='119230' date='Apr 23 2010, 05:04 AM']Maybe you can turn off auto-updates temporarily to test it? In the meantime, do updates via the tray icon or Web Update button.[/quote] Good idea and I'll do that starting now. In the meantime it's changed twice since my last post but today I noticed it a lot sooner and it may be changing anytime I do a Windows update (I'm running Windows 7 Professional btw). I'll also try to keep an eye on that. Thanks. Dave
  7. [quote name='visitor' post='118611' date='Apr 4 2010, 01:07 AM']Have you upgraded to 8.2.2 released March 30? It was supposed to fix the Ad-Watch modules bug, but I need to confirm Suppress Notifications is still not working with the new version before reporting it to Lavasoft.[/quote] Sorry for the delay, family issues. I did notice the Ad-Watch Live Modules bug hasn't reared it's ugly head lately... I just checked and my version is up to 8.2.2 so apparently the upgrade at least fixed that issue. Unfortunately the Suppress Notifications is still not working. I just had to uncheck it again a couple days ago.
  8. [quote name='visitor' post='118410' date='Mar 29 2010, 10:58 PM']From Lavasoft: Thanks for the feedback most of which are now reported to Dev. Can you clarify the following with some more details of what you are seeing/ experiencing?: •Files Protection and Suppress Notifications settings change.[/quote] Settings > "Ad-Watch Live!" Tab > "Ad-Watch Live! Modules" > I uncheck "Files protection" It remains unchecked for an undetermined period but at some point I find it checked again. This one seems to be holding steady. Hasn't changed back for over a week now. Settings > "Customize" Tab > "Do Not Disturb" > I uncheck "Make Ad-Aware Supress Notifications..." It remains unchecked for a while but I find it checked again fairly frequently... sometimes daily.
  9. [quote name='visitor' post='118319' date='Mar 25 2010, 07:07 PM']I don't recall seeing that post about deleting the settings file and don't know where they're stored with 8.2.1 on Win 7. On XP with 8.0.3, I have a settings.dat file here: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware I can't answer your question about the aaw7boot.log. I thought it was exclusively for items deleted at reboot, where delete/quarantine did not work while the OS running.[/quote] Youre right about the aaw7boot.log... it's for deleting files at reboot. I figured out the other file I read about was "settings.aaw" but I checked all the places I saw it being referred to and can't find it anywhere so I'm assuming it was replaced by the settings.dat file. I'm going to contact LS directly and see what they say. Thanks.
  10. [quote name='visitor' post='118285' date='Mar 24 2010, 04:17 AM']GUI resizing has been suggested to Lavasoft for a long time, but for some reason they haven't changed it. The File Protections setting automatically changing back on was reported as a bug in 8.2.0 and apparently hasn't been fixed with 8.2.1 (it doesn't affect all users). If items were quarantined even though they were on the ignore list, that was also reported to Lavasoft, but I can't tell if that's what happened from your post or if it was due to the Files Protection and Suppress Notifications settings. To avoid automatic actions while scanning, make sure to scan in advanced mode since simple mode chooses preferred actions. Not sure why restore from quarantine doesn't work, but I added it to the bug list here. Since you're a paid user, you should contact Lavasoft Customer Support (link in my signature). They have both email and live chat support, and your bugs will be logged since they don't necessarily monitor this forum which was designed to offer help from volunteers to the free version users.[/quote] I appreciate the response. Just to clarify a couple items... I've been using advanced mode for a while, but admit I had a tough time finding out how to change the setting The files in quarantine was due to the Files Protection and Suppress Notifications settings changing on their own. The Files Protection box has remained unchecked the past few days but I just noticed the Suppress Notifications setting changed again this morning. I have a few files listed on the Ignore list, but I don't think I have the issue you mentioned with files still being quarantined... although I honestly can't say for sure. It's kind of hard to keep track of things with the number of files and directories I have, on top of the issues I've already been experiencing with this program. I have no clue why I'm not able to restore any files in quarantine but I made a backup of the quarantine folder just in case. I guess I misunderstood the purpose of this forum, so thanks for clarifying and I definitely will contact them. I do have a couple questions... I recall seeing a post where someone was told to try deleting the file that contained the programs settings, but I didn't seem to have that file, or mayb it just wasn't in the location the post specified. Are the setting stored in a file and if so anyone know the name of the file and where it's located? Since I'm running Windows 7 I assume it's in the Users folder. I've been keeping regular track of the aaw7boot.log in the root directory of Drive C: but I'm not completely sure of something. I assume any action taken with a file results in it being either quarantined or deleted. If quarantined, the file is encrypted and placed in the quarantine folder. If deleted, the file is listed in the aaw7boot.log file for deletion during the next reboot. If a file is quarantined, I assume the original file must also be deleted so even files that are quarantined show up in the log file for deletion?
  11. I'm sorry, but what appeared to be a well thought out program has turned out to be more annoying than anything else... Why would anyone create a windows program that doesn't allow the user to resize the windows is beyond me. I have a 24" widescreen LCD at 1920 x 1080 and don't understand why I should have to strain my eyes on a window that is 1/6th the size of my display. Not only does this cause eye strain but it just flat out makes some screens, the Quarantine screen in particular, difficult to deal with. Several Ad-Watch settings continue to change by themselves. Under Ad-Watch Live! I've unchecked the "Files protection" box numerous times, only to find the box checked at a later time. The same holds true under Customize with the "Make Ad-Aware supress notifications automatically when you run full-screen applications" box. Because these settings revert back to what I assume are their default values, numerous files were Quarantined without my knowledge... files that I didn't want Quarantined. Even when I attempted to check those settings daily, they might be fine for days, then suddenly one or both would change... today I found the latter item checked again. The Quarantine window is especially frustrating. What's with the double columns of arrows? And who's idea was it to sort the files according to the virus Family? Wouldn't it have made more sense to have the screen function like Windows Explorer... you know, that thing that every Windows user has been using for years and is known for it's simplicity? At least that would have eliminated all the PITA arrows and permitted each user to sort the columns to their own liking, making the process much easier. The Quarantine window also behaves erratically. My window currently contains a list of 18 Family lines set to "Do Nothing". If I open any Family and set the Action for any file to "Restore", then scroll the window until that line is out of view, when I scroll it back into view, the Action changes from "Restore" back to "Do Nothing" on its own. Finally, I'm unable to restore ANY files. Setting any file to "Restore" does nothing. Once I select "Perform Actions Now" I get no acknowledgement or error, yet the file hasn't been restored either. I noticed the Quarantine folder contains both AAWQFF and AAWQIF files which I assume are the virus files encrypted. How can I restore these files... manually if I have to? I've been putting up with these issues for months. I can't say for certain when the issues having to do with settings and restore began because they might have been that way all along and I just didn't discover the problems until later, or maybe they started with the 2010 release. Sorry, but unless this program becomes more of what I expected it to be, I have no intention on renewing my subscription.
  12. I don't understand why a number of my Adobe Acrobat PDF files are being found to contain suspicious code, Category Heuristic, HEUR/HTML Malware. Many of the files were pages I saved from websites containing information I wanted to keep. I use Acrobat Pro and the files are cleaned before saving... i.e. I remove all the embedded links, headers and footers. I examined one of the suspicious pdf files but couldn't find any issues. Still I removed all bookmarks and metadata just to see what happened and the results were the same. I removed the word "cheats" from the filename, but the results were still the same. So are these files being marked suspicious just because there are certain words within the document? If I know what the issue is, maybe I can do something to prevent this as I save the files. Thanks. Added: Although I expected this, if I uncheck "Behavior-based detection" under BOTH "Profile Scans" and "Ad-Watch Live" the pdf files are no longer marked as suspicious. But if "Behavior-based detection" is checked under either one, or both, then the issue returns. I'm using Ad-Aware Pro and there is no option to select a level of Heuristic protection so I'd hate to completely disable this option if I don't have to.