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  1. It would be nice that a end-user could be able to add a process manually.. Maybe you should consider to adding this option in a upcoming update... Anyways, I really hope that you can fix this problem somehow, as now I can't use either the Radmin server, or the Ad-Watch Live - process watch..
  2. Here you go: uploading newtstop.dll and btw.. Is there no option to add a process manually?
  3. Yea, I know that Ad-Aware does it's "Smart Scan" when a "suspicious process" is found.. I've seen it.. Although, nothing is found there when it finishes.. Uploading the scan result..
  4. I uploaded the file now.. What Ad-watch says.. 1: If I start the Radmin Server [u]before[/u] I start Ad-Aware, it says: Ad-Watch Live! detected that a malicious process is running and started a scan in background mode. You will be able to clean any infections safely after the scan is finished. 2: If I start Ad-Aware first, and [u]then[/u] the Radmin Server, it says: Ad-Aware is now in background scan mode, allowing your PC to be scanned in the background as you continue to work. As a result, the scan may take longer since only your computer's idle resources are being used. And the Radmin server just shuts down in the same time as any of those baloon tips comes up.. And in the "edit rules" list, there's absolutely nothing.. Also, when Ad-Aware scans "rserver3.exe", nothing is found..
  5. No, the problem is that it hasn't been found during a scan.. It's found when Ad-Watch - processes is turned on, and I start Radmin server.. Everything that has been found during a full scan (and I know what it is, and it's not harmfull), i've moved to the Ignore section.. But as soon as I start Radmin Server, Ad-Watch terminates it.. So my problem is only that it doesn't appear in the Edit Rules menu, so I could allow it..
  6. Hello there! I've lately purchased my copy of Ad-Aware 2010 PRO.. Anyways, I've stumbled upon a "minor" or better said a big problem for me.. I'm frequently using Radmin Server 3.2, for remote access to my computer. Anyways, as soon I start this Radmin server 3.2, when Ad-Watch Live - Processes is turned on, I get a baloon tip, that a malicious process has starded, and Ad-Watch terminated it.. So I know under the "Edit Rules" button, I could give it to exceptions, ignore it, anything.. But the process just doesn't apear in there.. So you understand this is a big issue for me, as I need frequently to access my home computer from my workplace, but I don't want to have Ad-Watch - Processes turned off.. So if you have any suggestion, how to get it working.. please please help me as soon as possible.. Thanks in advance!