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  1. I have Ad-Aware Pro installed on 3 different computers (one running XP Pro, One running Vista Pro, and one netbook running Windows 7 Home Premium). On 1-27-10 I clicked on the Web Update icon on the main screen and all the copies successfully upgraded to version 8.1.4. In the past whenever I clicked Web Update if Ad-Aware did not require an update I received a message saying that the software was already up to date. However, since I've updated to 8.1.4 whenever I click up Web Update it appears that if necessary it will download a new file and reinitialize correctly. If I then click on Web Update again I see it display a short line in the overall progress bar and it says that it is reinitializing and reloads Ad-Aware. I can repeat this over and over and it never tells me that the software is up to date. It does that on all three of my computers with the three different versions of Windows. Is my expectation now that I will no longer see the message telling me that my software is up to date? If so then my preference is to see the message and know for sure I have the latest and greatest updates. Do I need to uninstall / reinstall Ad-Aware on all three systems to correct this issue? Anyone else seeing this?