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  1. i did this. it has no effect. in light of the problems i've had with the new version of AAW, i kind of assumed there might be something running in the background or hidden which could be the cause.
  2. i'm sorry i always forget to say that we did pay for this. i also submitted this problem to the paid support area and they said it is "unlikely" that AAW is causing the problem. i am just trying to cover all bases in solving this b/c it is affecting my job. as i said, my inability to access this one single site seemed to coincide with doing the AAW update. it is now V8.2.0. i have researched this error code and found a huge variety of responses, most of which involve firewalls, norton or IE7. i can't get it to work regardless of which browser i use. i am not knowledgeable enough to start changing registry settings or looking for hidden bits of old programs that i thought i'd properly uninstalled. i don't think i ever had norton on this machine. i have a friend looking into it for me also. like i said, i am grasping at straws.
  3. i'm 100% not sure, but it seems that ever since i updated to v8, i can't get on an ftp site that i was previously able to access. when i ran the IE diagnostic, it gave me 'Error 12029'. it won't work in firefox either. i have done everything i can think of - cleared cookies, history and upgraded both browsers. i know it's not the ftp site. other people can access it with no problem. i really need to figure this out b/c it is hindering my work.
  4. I have a program running in the background that AAW sees as 'malicious'. I have put it on the ignore list 3 times now. I thought if you put something on that list it stayed there permanently. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?
  5. i have tried to figure out how to navigate this page but i can't. i have registered but when i try to log in it says - Your MyLavasoft account has no customer data You need a customer account to access the Support Center. We couldn't find your e-mail address in our customer database. i also got to page that said i needed to be a paying customer but no way to give my product code or anything. i feel like i am missing something obvious. any help would be appreciated.
  6. i have been running AAW AE on my XP computer for months with no problem. i recently removed a fakealert trojan that was detected by another program. maybe it's just a coincidence but ever since then AAW wont run or update. i had it set to start when i turned the computer on. now it won't even start manually. the loading screen comes up & sometimes the update screen but nothing ever happens. i have left it for 10 minutes and the bar never moves. should i just uninstall it and start over? i guess i should add that we paid for this program.