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  1. Well, thank you! Seems I missed that the old defs are still there. Now that ist settled, let's think about upgrading to a newer build. Since I'm talking about securing an old machine, it would have to be a build that does not take much ressources. That is, no boot-up autostart services required to run the program in order, no tray agents, no mandatory realtime check, no background surveilance processes. Just a tool that runs when manually called up and checks the HD for malware when the user manually says so. So how woould you rate newer ad-aware builds in that respect? Any experiences?
  2. Hi everyone! I'm searching for the latest published definition files that are compatible to Ad-Aware SE personal in order to update a very old machine. I'm really just looking for that file, there's no need to start a version debate, a debate about nostalgia, security preferences or the need to convince me of newer program versions. I' couldn't find any official download anymore, but any defs later than 27.12.2007 would be welcome. Thanks!