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  1. I am wondering why I see AAWService.exe in my processes? It is using quite a bit of memory. I disabled Ad-Watch Live a while ago opting to only use Ad Aware as an on demand scanner. There is no icon in the system tray and Ad-Watch Live is indeed disabled in the program controls. So why the process? I am using 8.2.6. I double checked my settings and although I had previously done it I again disabled auto check for updates. I do still get the updates on Sunday and Thursday through scheduled tasks. To summarize, I do not have Ad-Watch Live enabled. I do not auto check for updates. This program should not be doing anything until I open it yet AAWService.exe is running all the time using memory. Something is wrong with this. Is it finally time to get rid of AAW? This is crazy. I end the process and it immediately comes back using huge amounts of memory and CPU until it finally settles down. In services it is set to manual and says started. If I try to stop it there it again immediately comes back. What the heck is going on? A program that shouldn't be running, is. No I don't have a virus/malware. Perhaps someone who is using version 8 can respond.
  2. I have never had the Registry and Network options available in Ad-Watch Live!, only Processes. I always assumed they were for the paid version only. Knowing those options should be active and since others using the free version have these options I have to ask why I don't?
  3. Myself and other users had similar problems a few months ago. You can look at the posts about it starting with this one. They may help. [url=""];#entry118110[/url]
  4. [quote name='WDF1' post='120313' date='Jun 15 2010, 07:30 PM']then scanned with A-A v. 8.2.5 def. 149.290, which found no cookies; this unfortunately does not say anything definitive about the problem (if any, still).[/quote] It says they haven't addressed a known problem. For years the program found tracking cookies now it doesn't and the advice here is that we should be getting rid of them in the first place. Talk about turning a deaf ear.
  5. My scans have also not detected tracking cookies since updating to 8.2.4 I take many preventative steps regarding cookies as visitor suggests but Ad-Aware always found something. Since now it doesn't what other options are there?
  6. [quote name='monxx77' post='119936' date='Jun 3 2010, 05:22 PM']Exactly the same problem over here! Since yesterday the update download blocks half way, when reaching the VipreBridge.dII.file.Iznma size 60kB. The connection error pops up and here it ends. Otherwise Ad-Aware runs just fine without the latest update.[/quote] Me too! Knowing it's on their end I will just wait it out. Many times I've thought the problem was mine when it is actually a problem with the program and I do this and that only to end up frustrated. Not this time. After some hiccups a few months ago things were actually going relatively well for me...until this .
  7. [quote name='cressy' post='118229' date='Mar 22 2010, 10:32 AM']Instead of waiting for thursday for it to try again you can change the scheduler by putting in a check mark next to monday. It will be changed back to what it was after ad-aware updates.[/quote] It worked! It did auto update when I changed the scheduler and importantly it reinitialized fine. As you said it reverts back to the Thursday, Sunday auto updates, so hopefully it will do it again then. Not sure why it doesn't update daily. As casey boy pointed out over a month ago Lavasoft seems to imply it should [url=""][/url] I'd like to see them fix that aspect. For now I'm happy it seems to be working. Thanks to everyone for the help.
  8. [quote name='cressy' post='118185' date='Mar 20 2010, 07:28 PM']Also if you attach aawadmin.log and update.log i can take a closer look at what it is doing at those times.[/quote] I already have the current definition file so I will have to wait until next scheduled auto update to see if it works. update.log did report the following tonight: [b]MSG [1584] 2010/03/21 19:29:07: Downloading file: metafile.dat size: 84kB MSG [1584] 2010/03/21 19:29:08: Connected: MSG [3376] 2010/03/21 19:29:30: Update finished[/b] No entry under aawadmin.log. A user of Ad-Aware Pro posted how they were not getting auto updates so it appears this is not an isolated problem. To be continued...
  9. [quote name='cressy' post='118177' date='Mar 20 2010, 10:32 AM']Check your scheduled tasks and make sure there is an entry for Ad-Aware update. Start-> Accessories->System Tools-> Scheduled tasks. While there make note of the time of day that it is supposed to update. If your computer is not on at the time that it says it skips that update and will not try again until the next scheduled time.[/quote] There is indeed an entry in Scheduled Tasks for Ad-Aware Update, it states: Name: Ad-Aware Update(weekly); Schedule: At 7:29 PM every Thu, Sun of every week, starting 3/4/2010; Next Run Time: 7:29:00 PM 3/21/2010; Last Run Time: Never I am certain the computer has been on all or certainly most of the times it was scheduled to auto update. But as Scheduled Tasks states, it has never auto updated. So what now?
  10. [quote name='visitor' post='118165' date='Mar 19 2010, 10:45 PM']XP C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Logs[/quote] AFAICT all entries are related to the manual updates. I don't think it tries to update and then fails. It just doesn't update until I do it manually. I will not do any manual updates this week and see if there are any entries and will report back. Some other thoughts. In system manager I have two entries related to AAW. AAWTray.exe in user and AAWService.exe in system. So unlike cressy it does not auto update once and then revert to system where it then fails. Should there be anything in system manager related to update (AAWUpd.exe or similar)? What about in System Startup, should there be anything there? As mentioned, this started with 8.1 (where I think I did have the problem as cressy describes it) but now in 8.2.1 it won't even try to auto update and then fail. There is a bug somewhere. It has a workaround (manual update) but I 'd rather it work as described.
  11. [quote name='visitor' post='118113' date='Mar 19 2010, 01:11 AM']Make sure you've updated to 8.2.1, which was released this morning, and reboot your system. The changelog didn't list much detail as to what was fixed, so we'll need to report to Lavasoft any remaining bugs. Also, take a look at the Update.log to see what happened at the date/time it was supposed to update.[/quote] Currently running 8.2.1 How do I find Update.log?
  12. When I installed 8.1 I was having problems and traced it to when auto updates would occur. [url=""][/url] I think the problem was similar to this: [url=""][/url] Now after moving to 8.2 it does not auto update. I can manually update just fine and it seems to reinitialize fine so the initial problem appears to be resolved. I just can't get it to auto update (and yes I know it now only updates twice a week). Update settings are correct. Any thoughts?
  13. [quote name='visitor' post='117664' date='Mar 5 2010, 12:49 AM']You should have stuck with 8.1.4, as even Lavasoft is recommending it until they fix 8.2.[/quote] Really? So how come whenever I started the program there was a "suggestion" from Lavasoft to update to 8.2? Is there a link to 8.1 you can provide? Also I don't think the auto updater would automatically update to 8.2. At least it wasn't doing it for me. I did it myself, which is ironic because I rarely update any program so soon (I never updated from Ad-Aware SE until going to 8.1). And now that I know I can manually update every few days and not worry about missing updates I may just do that. I do it with many other programs. But a link to 8.1 would be helpful. Thanks I should say that I ran a full scan using 8.2 and it seemed to work ok. Certainly no error messages. There was a point where the items scanned said something like 130,000 (I got a lot of junk) and then I looked later and it was 37,000 or something. Still found a bunch of cookies which (luckily) is all it typically finds for me. So other than the update issues (twice a week updates seem ok, I'll have to see if it does them) and the Ad-watch icon disappearing (which also occurred with 8.1.4) I can't say that 8.2 isn't working, at least for me.
  14. [quote name='visitor' post='116456' date='Feb 10 2010, 04:53 AM']Did you use the Ad-Aware uninstallers or Revo? Someone else just had a similar problem going from SE to 8.1.4, getting the shutdown when trying to scan: [url=""][/url] Does yours fail when trying to open the GUI or when trying to scan?[/quote] Did a complete uninstall using Revo. Reinstalled 8.2 Now my problem is two fold. 1) auto updating does not work. I have never had a problem with that feature but of course now it doesn't work. 2) I continue to have the problem of the ad-watch icon disappearing and can say it is 100% related to the update. Since it doesn't update automatically the ad-watch icon remains. As soon as I manually update (which works so that tells me there is no connection/firewall issues) the icon disappears. Can someone help me get the auto updating to work. I'll live with icon disappearing. Also, if I do need to continue to update manually (no big deal I used to do it with SE) are the updates cumulative? Meaning do I have to update each definition or would .0167 cover .0166 and earlier?
  15. I uninstalled SE (folder for SE is now gone) and uninstalled/reinstalled 8.1.4 (and yes it is a big file, ~95MB) yet I still have the problem. Now I'm sometimes getting an error message, something like "Ad-Aware shut down unexpectedly" and it asks if I want to send info to Lavasot (which I did). Never had a problem like this with SE (or previous versions), so kind of disappointed with the problems I'm having with this new version.