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  1. [quote name='LS Albin' post='116379' date='Feb 8 2010, 07:09 AM']Hi! Can you please send the file you put on ignore (windows\system32\b4fm.dll), it would be really helpful. Just attach it in this thread please. Thanks Albin Lavasoft Malware Labs[/quote] Please find attached - hope this helps. Thanks for looking into this issue. Regards Gord
  2. Hi, Trying to get to bottom of repeated - possibly false - Ad-Watch live suspect process / auto triggered scans Running Ad-Aware Free Vn 8.1.4, on XP SP3 Approx 2-3 times/day in last 3 days have had Ad-Watch Live detect running process, triggering scan, and finding nothing. Have also manually ran full scan in Ad-Aware free, Full Scan in Malwarebytes, and Full Scan in Norton IS 2009 - all find nothing ( apart from a few cookies ) When look at Ad-Watch the latest process detected list is blank, and the log file ( think it is the RPProcess log it opens ) is blank. I have no process rules defined etc I do have one file in my ignore list - which was detected as AdWare ( windows\system32\b4fm.dll ) a file that came with older version of Burn4Free - but this has been there for quite a while - and only has a level 3 threat rating ( low I think ) and problem with scanning x times a day only started a couple of days ago ( 2nd ? ). Was advised by user 'visitor' to post scan log here - but only finds cookies etc not a suspect process - so not sure this too useful. Any help appreciated. Regards
  3. [quote name='visitor' post='116273' date='Feb 5 2010, 01:31 AM']Maybe check your logs: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Logs If you can find out which process is triggering the scan, you can make a post in the False Positives forum so Lavasoft can investigate.[/quote] Visitor Thanks for the advice will try with last scan log - is there a seperate log for the Ad-Watch Live scan trigger condition ?
  4. Running Free Ad-Aware Version 8.1.4 on Win XP SP3 For the last couple of days - have had trouble with 'Ad-Aware Live' detecting a running process on my system as a 'risk'. This triggers an automatic scan of critical areas - which finds nothing - this has happened a few times in the last couple of days ( thought initially being triggered when manually copied msvcr71.dll back to my system32 folder ). Seems to be nothing in ad-ware live process log box. A full scan also finds nothing - other than a few browser cookies. Also scanned with fully up to date Norton Internet Security 09 and Malwarebytes - both also find nothing but browser cookies. Only been happening since last few updates / few days ( I have been updating regularly waiting for the msvcr71.dll fix - and currently have this marked as read only in my windows system32 ) Unsure now if system infected - or a false ad-aware detection ? Scanning right now - so cannot give exact build of 8.1.4 - but only about 24 hrs old. Grateful for any advice.