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  1. Didn't want to start a flame war or anything, so mods can close this right away. Just wanted to give my feedback. I installed AAW to stop unwanted advertising. While I accept that AAW is entitled to nag me to purchase the full version, I don't appreciate the valentine popup. Tying the 3rd party offer* to a free upgraded license is a pretty transparent and tenuous rationalisation. Advert-blocking software that creates it's own 3rd parts adverts is no better than having your car insurance agent kicking a small dent in your car. I mean, it's only one small dent, right? No offense intended. I understand the company relies on paid subscriptions etc. Still - it's an indication of a philosophocal shift within lavasoft that is inconsistent with their software's stated goal. * = I didn't click on the advert, so I'm assuming it was 3rd party offer, the participation in which would generate a revenue share with lavasoft that would pay for the AAW license. I'm open to being corrected if it turns out that it was an internal advert and that Lavasoft mistakenly thinks my sweetheart will love me forever if I buy her a copy of AAW instead of jewelry this year.