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  1. Good to hear it wasn't my system, thought I had malware or something blocking it from working. Older version works well.
  2. Thanks will install that see if that helps. pretty sure I had some problems with the SE? version and the anniversary version and decided to downgrade to 7. something so hopefully this is ok. Downloading now.
  3. No, starts to scan then gives me an error message. Did a full, profile and smart scan. So I take it 8.2.0 is new? Well someone better tell them it doesn't work. I want to downgrade to the last version. Do you have a link for it? Version 8.2.0 just gives me errors. Would like to go back to 8.1.4 till this is fixed. Thanks
  4. From the actual site [url=""][/url] Links to [url=""][/url] I was running 7. something which decided not to scan so I updated it to 8.2.0 today.
  5. I have just installed adware 8.2.0, ran a full and smart scan. After a few seconds this message appeared. "Ad-Aware was shut down unexpectedly and has generated an error report. By sending the error report to lavasoft you can help us identify the problem and fix it. Click ok to send the report (no other information will be sent) or cancel if you prefer not to send it." I have reinstalled the software and still no change. Computer software is XP, Quad Core, 3gb. I have Spybot and AVG installed too. How do I fix this?