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  1. This is what Lavasoft asked of me and the relevant answers were given in reply, Try to turn off the automatic updates in the settings and click OK and reboot Does it still happen? We released a new installer this Friday that should take care of the issue so please uninstall Ad-Aware and reboot and then download from the link below and reinstall [url=""][/url] (Reinstalled AA but now my license key wont work.. ..before I do what you have suggested I must tell you that although a pop-up says the program has closed that actual icon on the task bar doesn't disappear.) reply from AA - You can 'reset' your Ad-Aware serial number for a new computer or a new installation as follows: Log-in to the Lavasoft Support Center : [url=""][/url] Go to My Licenses section Expand your license and click the ‘reset serial’ button Please allow our server some moments to reset the serial in the background Once the serial is 'reset' you will be able to reactivate Ad-Aware on the new PC To date nothing has worked smoothly since the debacle over a previous version of AA failed everyone.
  2. Yes, I understand that the uninstall was temporary but that didn't work in the past either. Today AA closed 3 times and I'm very rapidly running out of patience.
  3. [quote name='CeciliaB' post='128183' date='Jul 12 2011, 06:12 PM']Both Ad-Aware and Eset antivirus Nod32 have changed a lot during the years to be able to detect and clean new types of malware. Have you checked if there are problems with Ad-Aware if you uninstall Nod32? Just to pinpoint if it is a conflict between the two programs or if Ad-Aware isn't working even when it is the only antivirus program in the computer. See LS Digger Barnes explanation about possible conflicts with other security programs in the post [url=""][/url][/quote] I'd rather ditch Ad-Aware than Eset. I keep turning off AA's anti-virus because I don't want it but I doubt that's the problem. I'll have a look at the link you posted. Thank you.
  4. [quote name='CeciliaB' post='128172' date='Jul 12 2011, 01:38 PM']Hi Kelo, Sorry that you have so much issues with Ad-Aware. Have you done other things than uninstall and stopping processes? Do you have other antivirus and security programs installed? Have you noticed any pattern in Ad-Aware closing, for example with a certain time interval, when updating etc? When did the issues start? How often does Ad-Aware close? How do you notice that Ad-Aware closes?[/quote] I have Est anti-virus but that has never caused problems between Ad-aware and Eset in years past. So many things I've forgotten what I've done. It could be when it is updating but when I restart the program it updates with no problems. this issue started several months ago, possibly around Xmas. At least three times a day but sometimes twice. Because it is missing from the task bar! Sometimes when I restart it the program says that it hasn't scanned before - which is crap.
  5. I'm running Win7 Ultimate and Ad-Aware 9.0.7 closes unexpectedly but only sometimes leaves an error report. This happened prior to installing Win7 from Vista. I've uninstalled, re-installed, uninstalled, reinstalled - you get the picture. Lavasoft can't help. I've tried stopping as many programs/processes as possible and tried to find the program/processes that might be affecting it but it still shuts down. I'm seriously fed up with this and may well not buy it again even though I actually like it - when it works.
  6. [quote name='visitor' post='123459' date='Nov 1 2010, 07:59 AM']If entering your license into the interface is not working, best to contact Lavasoft Support via the link in my signature.[/quote] Thank you, I did that too just in case nobody could help. It's strange but the actual program was deleted from my system somehow, I know I didn't delete it and there's no-one here but me. Thanks anyway, much appreciated.
  7. Hope you can help with my problem; I have Ad-aware Pro but the extras in the tool are not activated. Any ideas?
  8. OK...a couple of valium and a LARGE brandy, deep breath and here goes!......look to the east for a mushroom cloud
  9. Has this been fixed yet? I'm hoping that all the bugs have been sorted out at last.
  10. Why the hell are we having to check a forum when Lavasoft have paid customers email addresses? They could email a notification that the new program is stable. My license doesn't run out until the middle on July so I hope to God that they extend it free of charge - they should have tested the software better before releasing it. I'm becoming a tad tired of this.
  11. Thank you, but I already had contacted them and am in the process of dealing with the problem, sorry, I forgot to mention. Thank you again.
  12. This program has seriously screwed up my laptop. If I start up in safe mode I get the 'files protection' box in Adwatch Live but it wont allow me to uncheck the box. That box wasn't even present when running normal start up. I've had to uninstall the program totally to allow my computer to work at all! There must be a way to get Adaware to work with causing such problems.
  13. It's the Plus version I have. It registers fine but obviously something is missing. Thank you.
  14. Eventually got around to doing it and it still wants to upload the new program. There's also no 'files protection' to uncheck.