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  1. I was wondering- is there is a new fix from Lavasoft on [b]Ad-Aware 8.2 crashes?[/b] Their last announcement on this was [u]Feb 17th[/u]. Has anyone heard anything since then? [i]Recap of the problem: whenever starting a scan with v. 8.2 - it would crash & show the message: "Ad-Aware was shut down unexpectedly and has generated an error report. By sending the error report to Lavasoft you can help us identify the problem and fix it." [/i] I read a few people thought there might be a conflict between Ad-Aware whenever McAfee Professional was runnning. Was this the problem? Or something to do with Windows 7 and XP? What have you folks heard/learned?? It's [i]very [/i]frustrating to a lot of us not seeing any new status report/announcement from Lavasoft. It's not the way to cultivate goodwill from your customers.
  2. [quote name='casey_boy' post='117248' date='Feb 23 2010, 08:48 PM']Hi panman, As a paying customer, you should contact the support center - they should be able to help you Casey[/quote] I have to say that I don't know WHY Casey is always defending this buggy, messed up, bad version 8.2. And no, I don't want to use their Older software - not with all new worms, malware, adware, trojans, viruses, coming out off the net every day. Let's face the facts: 8.2 is a lesser piece of software because it has BUGS. PERIOD. And Lavasoft released it - and once learning about it's faults/bugs - they're practically into non-communication on this. Where are the announcements specifically addressing this? Why hasn't a new version of 8.2 been placed at download spots like CNET? Why isn't there some kind of announcement/advisory RE "... if you have McAfee on your PC, there may be a conflict with 8.2, and we advise you to hold off on your download..." I had Ad-Aware for years & loved it. Then along came 8.2. Installed, uninstalled, etc. And since I also have McAfee Security (the whole package) - I'm wondering are they in conflict? But Casey - I shouldn't have to find this out from other customers - you know that's true - I should find it out somewhere here in the Forums from a Lavasoft customer service rep, public relations exec, or one of their people in Programming - telling us Directly what to do/not do/ and... in no hesitant, uncertain terms. Spell it out, please. Don't be a MicroSoft... In the end, like many others, my confidence in Ad-Aware had totally dropped with this experience. I personally feel they let us down. And if we have a problem, they'd rather not deal with it in straightforward terms. This company has a lot to learn in dealing with the public and its customers. And it hasn't learned its lesson yet.
  3. I don't know what the heck Lavasoft did when they created Ad-Aware version 8.2 - but it's turning out to be a real monster - acting just like a virus. Get a load of this --- I have Windows XP on my computer, and like many others, the new 8.2 version didn't work. So I have tried to Uninstall - and the thing is now fighting - not allowing itself to be Uninstalled. What's Going On? How do I get rid of 8.2???? I have tried to Uninstall / reboot / Uninstall several times, but my computer can't get it off. I went into C:Drive and began deleting each of the Ad-Aware folders individually - that worked until I came upon this one file in the Lavasoft Folder: [size=3]ShellExt.dll[/size][b][/b]. I couldn't delete it / Uninstall it. It's so strong - even File Assassin couldn't kill it. I keep getting a flag now: Access is Denied. Disk is full or write-protected or may be currently in use. I tried using my McAffee to oust it and got back a warning about BUFFERS - that this thing has now intertwined itself into my other programs and, if removed, may damage them. What in the world is this evil 8.2?????? Someone please tell me how to get rid of it without damaging my computer - I would be sooooooooooo appreciative! Thanks for your help!!!
  4. The new 2010 AD-AWARE version 8.2 has a real bug - it keeps crashing whenever I run a scan. Does anyone know what's going on? I have Installed and Uninstalled it 4 times now -- 3 times downloaded from CNET and 1 time from SOFTPEDIA. All installs result in the same exact result - whenever I run a scan, a screen pops up that reads: [b]Ad-Aware was shut down unexpectedly and has generated an error report.[/b] The software won't work. My PC is a Dell XPS 400 with MS XP, and it's in perfect working order, so I know it's not the computer. I've used Ad-Aware for years, and all other versions/updates worked perfectly. Why was 8.2 released when it obviously has a bug. I noticed there are numerous complaints in CNET's User Comments - this crash is happening to a lot of people. Would like to hear from others - does the paid-for version work & only the free one crashes, or is this happening across the board?