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  1. Thanks for your offer, but I'll not reinstall because I had initially checked the task manager, uninstalled, reinstalled, rechecked task manager prior to posting here. I also have the StartupCPL program and it did not show up there.
  2. Read and reviewed the suggestions at that site. Nothing there was relevant IMO so I uninstalled the program.
  3. I installed Ad-Aware 8.2.0 free today on XP Pro SP3. A new install, I did not have any prior versions installed. I cannot get the "Ad-Aware Tray Application in the system tray", even though the option to enable it is selected in Settings > Customize tab > General > Show notification area icon. I unchecked the option, rebooted, then checked the option, rebooted, and I don't get the adaware icon in the systray. Ad-Aware does not show up in my startup control panel. Please advise.