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  1. I made a thread here myself explaining this same problem. I am running Windows 7 64-bit and it locks up when it tries to load the Ad-Aware Live!. Version 8.1 worked perfectly for me. I have only ran into problems with freezing and locking up with this new 8.2 version.
  2. I am using both ESET Smart Security 4 and Ad-Aware Pro 8.2, but after recently upgrading from 8.1, the ad-aware live portion of the program (the one that remains in your systray) makes my computer slow down drastically. It sometimes gets to the point that I need to restart and disable the Ad-Aware service to prevent it from happening again. Is there some known compatability issue with ESET Smart Security 4 and Ad-Aware 8.2? They were both stable prior to upgrading to 8.2. System specs. Windows 7 64-bit 9GB RAM Nvidia 260GTX 1TB HD I looked at other related freezing threads, but I am not sure if my issues are related.