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  1. Installed 8.2 update, and very soon (immediately, although I didn't know it) afterward, my XP Pro AMD Quad 9850 essentially took a nap. Firefox taking 2-1/2 minutes to load, Task Manager taking almost as long... I could go on (but why?) As soon as I uninstalled it (after working for hours to figure out what was fouled up) everything returned to normal. Just to make sure, I reinstalled. Same problem. Uninstalled - no problems. Same thing on my Windows 7 laptop. What's strange is that Task Manager doesn't report AAWPro using a ton of CPU time -- it's more on the order of 5-20%, which shouldn't slow things down that much. Whatever it is, guys, I hope you fix it. I went back to 8.1.4 after reading one of the blurbs saying there was a problem. Good luck!