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  1. @cressy. I can't install v8.2 as it makes my system unstable and unusable. So it looks like there isn't actually a new-install fix yet. I guess we'll all have to keep wating....
  2. So if the download is one-for-all, why did someone deliberately choose to omit this for the ocpy on the donload page. Plain dumb. Actually, plain irresponsible for a company seeling [i]security[/i] software. This isn't a free paint program. It's something to prevent bad things happening. The pages should be [i]absolutely and unambiguously[/i] labeled as to what the downloads are. There is no excuse other than laziness or stupidity. I won't ask which... So, if I go to [url=""][/url], will it download v8.2.1? How do I know the is the case?
  3. Visitor - thanks. I'm still a bit confused. I went to [url=""][/url] but there's [i]nothing[/i] on the page that explains (a) if this is an installer for [i]all[/i] versions., e.g. paid as well as free. Why make the user guess? Given how comprehensively v8.32 hosed my system - let alone the cost of the downtime - I'm leery of installing anything from a sales page. Can you point me to an FTP link for users who've already paid for the app? As there's a whole activation code system for AA what loss is there - apart from deliberately annoying paying customers - in giving [i]paying[/i] customers an unambiguous download link. At minimum the the download should (a) make clear which version it is and (b) the version number should be part of the d/l filename. I can see how people would omit this info but the only reasons are laziness (or worse) so I see no reason for a legitimate company not to assist paying customers. Indeed, the reasons I'm looking for the help here is that the support site is so badly written I've no faith in talking to the suuport team. I'd rather interact with people who actually use the app.
  4. If I log into support and 'My Downloads' I get kicked to a CNet page (is this safe?) that offers an undesribed AA installer. I donloaded this only to find it reports itself as v8.2.0 [sic] - the very verion I have to unistall as it doesn't work. I've paid for AA Plus. Where do I download AA Plus v8.2.1? I don't want older versions anywhere near my system.
  5. Another Lavasoft suport fail. At last we get a v8.2.1 bugfix for v8.2. It's trailed in the suport blog and here in the forums. Download link? No. Nowhere I can find on the Lavasoft site. I find that staggering given the mayhem v8.2 has caused. Meanwhile I've had marketing spam from Lavasoft re 'Tax Season Tips'. I read it expecting a comment on the bugfix - nothing. I can't use the update as I uninstalled Adaware pending the bugfix, so I need a fresh installer. Seems like everyone in support is asleep at the whell. Seriously, who would release a fix to a bug (that causes you to to have to uninstall the app) and deliberately chose to make it unavailable except via in-app update. Duh. Anyone able to report if v8.2.1 fixes the v8.2 instability/install problems?
  6. No good deed goes unpunished by Lavasoft. After v8.2 Plus completely broke my system, I've uninstalled. When done it asked for feedback. Being a helpful fellow, I explained why I'd (temporarily) uninstalled and how I'm wating for a v8.2 bugfix. Of course, I hit submit and I get a message that my answers aren't being saved. Huh? How completely pointless. Why insult your customers by soliciting feedback and then just dumping the input? I post this warning to save others wasting their time with the feedback form. Almost a month gone and still no bugfix for v8.2. What's going on?
  7. [quote name='visitor' post='117663' date='Mar 5 2010, 06:35 AM']Lavasoft said they'd announce any updates in their support blog: [url=""][/url][/quote] OK, I look at that and I'm confused. The blog says they've [i]already[/i] issued an update to v8.2, q.v.:- [quote name='Lavasoft Blog' date='Feb 19 2010']Lavasoft’s developers prioritized this issue in order to promptly resolve it, and a software update to fix the issue has now been released.[/quote] Odd, as I updated [i]after[/i] 19 Feb and my system went into meltdown. Looks like Lavasoft marketing and support departments aren't communicating. Is the blog fibbing or has a patch to v8.2 been issued. If so how do we obtain it?
  8. Got a response from tech support, but a half-hearted effort. I was simply advised to uninstall A-A (no advice on effect on quarantined files, etc.) and to install and older version (that will then try and update itself re-infecting my computer with v8.2 all over again). Pllus, IIRC from posts here, uninstall doesn't fully remove v8.2. You'd think after having had this long since the bugs were recovered that there would be: - a supprot FAQ page with details about how to uninstall, effect on existing settings, quarantined files, etc. - a v8.1.x installer that is set to ignore all v8.2.x version as upgrades (i.e. wait fro a fixed v8.3). It doesn't seem support managment are applying much thought to this with poor support resulting from it. Encouraging users to install a version that can easily re-infect their PC with the buggy version seems downright negligent.
  9. Yes, despite the above fix, my PC has become unresponsive again and something has turned of my A/V. As the systems clean, A-A has to be the obvious culprit. It do share the view that it's inapproariate to let systems auto-update to a buggy release. I guess it's time to remove A-A until the app is fixed. Basically it seems A-A won't let any other app open on my system - not even Task Manager or the services panel so I can kill A-A. You won't be surprised that A-A refuses to obey a close call from it's own systray icon menu. Does anyone test code before it ships? I have contacted support but don't know if they'd replied as the email goes to the PC the A-A is killing. Looks like I'll have to power off my PC to get back control. Bottom line. AD-Aware v8,20 IS UNSAFE AND NOT SUITABLE FOR INSTALLATION. IT SHOULD BE WITHDRWAN FROM USE UNTIL FIXED>
  10. Let my XP SP3 (with McAfee VirusScan) update it's Ad-Aware Plus to v8.2 and descended into a see of woe. It's taken about 6 hours to get back to a working system. In my case the problem is/was that v8.2 enables the new File protection system and this seems to conflict with McAfee with the result that even my fast rug (in current config) was talking minutes to show each new menu/dialog. Odd ,as Task Manager doesn't show anything excessive going on. If you hit this problem, wait for your system to finish boot (probably 30 mins+) nand you can see the Ad-Aware tray icom. Open AA (wait again, etc...). Select the Ad-Watch section, from the buttons top right, then Settings. In the "Add-Watch Live! Modules" box (top peft", clear the tick box next to 'Files Protection'. Pretty much instantly, performance returns to normal! I re-booted, for good measure. The above was sorted in a Live Support chat (thanks Johann) and I understand that the issue is classed a known even if it's not listed on the suppoort FAQ. I'm posting here in case it helps any other users hitting this problem pending an update that fieses the issue. Note. Don't look at the EXEs in your A-A folder as a guide to the version - they are all showing v8.0.0. thuogh the app UI when running reports v8.2. Looks lioke a screw-up in the engineerring isdie not updating versions. Another support glitch - if you log into 'my downloads' there isn't a download only a link to what looks like some warez sitre (not very reassuring). The olny d/l link is for the free version. Wat the support section author is too lazy to mention is the installer is a one-szie fits all - IOW the licence you apply dictates what features are installed. Still, making the user guess that is pretty shoddy. I have to say my faith in A-A is shaken. In 2+ years al it's ever given me is false postives for innocuous files. Bizarrely, for a reporting app it doesn't display full paths to offending items to you have to copy the path and paste into Notepad just to find what's referred to. I'm lless sure I'll renew my licencve when it's due. Meantime, luckily I've had a Mac to work on whilst all this was being fixed. Anyway, I hope this saves others some time.