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  1. See Lavasoft tech support response #15 in this forum. Apparently they just released a fixed version of 8.2.0 that's compatible with XP Pro (which is what I have). I just launched Ad-Aware (i.e. ver 8.1.4) and decided to let it perform the automatic update to ver 8.2.0.....again! This time the update was a success! I was able to run a Smart Scan with no "drop out" problems. NOTE: I noticed only one real difference between the 8.1.4 and 8.2.0 installs. The later says that it's installing "MS Visual C++ Runtime v9". After this last install I decided to check the version(s) of Visual C++ installed on my computer. "Add & Remove programs" indicates that I now have "Visual C++ 2008 X86 Runtime v9.0.30729.01" in addition to the original "MS Visiual C++ 2005 Redistributable v8.0.59193" installed on my computer. I'm thinking that the C++ compiler upgrade may have been the problem? But, I'd only be guessing. See #15 above for a link concerning the fix!