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  1. Hi All, I purchased this license to run AdAware Pro which is now Ver 9.0.6,I have seen and experienced problems with this software past and present that Ive sorted myself,so come on programmers sort this code out with a new none bloated version,please don't tell me to visit support because they don't write the code,I use on this machine Xp Pro SP3 with 2gb of ram its fast and furious with any Application or Utility except AdAware it hogs this machine,the AAWService.exe runs in access of 208.2mb and the AATray.exe goes over 23.2mb and the cpu runs around 50% if I disable AdAware every thing goes back to normal,this software slows my machine down,this has become bloated software and could end up like Norton Symantec,no its not my PC and the installation is not corrupted nore do I use third party utilities,not decided yet to renew my license but will wait and see.. Been in the PC trade for forty seven years repair and replace.
  2. [quote name='LS Digger Barnes' post='125964' date='Apr 8 2011, 09:03 AM']Hi If you have a valid license and requires help with the product, questions about your license or have any other request, please contact the Lavasoft Support team. They will be happy to help you out. Login to the support center and contact support from this link: [url=""][/url] If you have forgotten your password use the password reminder: [url=""][/url][/quote] Thanks for your offer, If you did read all my comment that stated > The program code malfunctions the server problems and so on then why should one rely on support when these are manual problems or hardware related to bad code practices by the company or code programmers,or failure of old server hardware that should be replaced by Lavasoft. The support side of Lavasoft is fair which I have only used once relating to my license,so I can not see what benefit would come of it wingeing to support about other staff problems or old hardware failures that the company lets happen or wont fix. I will not make any further comment,as time is of the eccence,I have three PCs lined up on my bench for repair and one laptop,I always replace old for new works all the time..
  3. [quote name='LS Jeffery' post='125944' date='Apr 6 2011, 09:16 AM']Hello Cecilia This was a server side implementation, so nothing special should be required, just perform an update. Regards, Jeff - Lavasoft[/quote] Well Jeff. I have hung in with Lavasoft for around eight years or so may be more,I have paid good money up until now for the privilege to use this software,all I have experienced in these years has been let down after let down,and support is not that much to be desired,lets give a few hints like the take over of AdAware which we all know about,as well as some of the program codes being implemented incorrectly,even the old problems of server malfunctions,then all the version troubles 8.02 and so on and now the latest server scenario,so whats on the list for us poor end users another bashing,I think that this company should honor a gift for paid registered members like two or three months extended license,they've taken a few million dollars in the last eighteen months or so from there customers,I can honestly say that if there is more of this with Lavasoft I will look else where for comfortable life with out AdAware,though I do not expect you will suffer from my absence thanking you. PS.Looks like the problem is solved for the time being ! !
  4. [quote name='LS Jeffery' post='125832' date='Apr 1 2011, 04:37 PM']Hello everyone The issue with updating Ad-Aware Total Security should now be resolved. There was a small network issue on our servers which is now resolved. Regards, Jeff - Lavasoft[/quote] Rubbish this is not true,still the same problem here past and present,about time Lavasoft updated all there servers or replaced them for new..This is the same old story from them.. Just thought I would do another edit which includes the time and date below ..STILL DON'T WORK .
  5. How many more times is this sort of thing going to happen. Looks like the update for today UK lunch time 04/06/10 has sorted it for me,everything seems to be ok,but I still have no trust in this software any more.
  6. This is getting a big joke with Lavasoft,had the same problem today,tried it a couple of extra times it then updated it to version 8.2.4, and then it turned "off" all real protection live and will not turn on again,what a load of rubbish this App is becoming .
  7. I don't use many forums if any,just thought I would pop in here and se if there is any result with the 8.2 version from Ad-Aware yet,came across your thread and having five minutes thought I would make a reply. Having had some minor problems myself (read above)and to this day my Ad-Aware Pro is still running smoothly with 8.2,and thats with out the Ad-Aware email outlook,and with everything else in it working fine for the last five days,I had to get a good uninstaller as above to remove all the rubbish that related to Ad-Aware Pro from every folder and registry input in this computer and started from scratch twice,wish you luck check my input above.
  8. [quote name='aesthete727' post='117457' date='Feb 28 2010, 05:06 PM']I've had the same problems since upgrading to 8.2. My computer becomes nearly unresponsive within a few minutes of startup. If I kill the AAWService.exe process, my computer quickly becomes responsive again. However, AAWService.exe automatically starts back up, so the computer becomes slow again--you need to kill it 3 times before it completely goes away. The slowness problem was [u]not [/u]fixed when I uninstalled the AdAware Microsoft Outlook email scanner and restarted my computer. (I do not use Outlook). I have uninstalled 8.2 and installed 8.1.4 following the link in the pinned "Ad Aware 2 Problem" posting at the top of this forum, and this has fixed the problem for now. I am running Windows XP Media Center Edition Version 2002 SP3 on a Dell Dimension DM061 Pentium 4 CPU 3.06 GHz, 1 GB RAM.[/quote] As I said use a good uninstaller to make sure everything is removed and " don't" remove from the Control Panel Add/Remove. [url=""][/url] there are free ones around. I don't use Microsoft Outlook either,useing a good uninstaller removed all the crap from Ad-Aware,as I will mention again boot the PC a couple of times after the uninstall.All I can say here is remove all with a good uninstaller not from the Addd/Remove,make a system restore before you do anything,check that you have an up to date Ad-Aware exe ready,and make sure you have your license key ready,here is a trial uninstaller hope its full version,install Ad-Ware again,then use the uninstaller to remove outlook mail first,then the Ad-Aware,then a couple of boots,then install again then use the uinstaller again to remove Aw-Aware outlook. At the moment my system is running fine with Ad-Aware not to say later it might not,if you've read all here and done to the letter and it still happens then you will have to wait for a beta version of 8.2 sorry.Good Luck. PS.Win XP Pro SP3 on this machine ,with Ad-Aware Pro running everything, except I removed Microsoft Outlook from it.
  9. [quote name='visitor' post='117395' date='Feb 27 2010, 10:17 AM']Casey has reported this to Lavasoft as well.[/quote] I decided having a few minutes to spare I would look at all options re Ad-Aware,I am trying to trace back to the update of version 2.0,the first was that the install was not problematic,nore was the Pro edition 8.0 install though it was something to be desired.With this PC my system runs Norton Anti Virus plus and firewall,not any known faults there and no conflicts,I am not one to uninstall unless there is a good reason has to be good. With all these reports going on disable this and that started me thinking,but I did remember that I opted to install the Microsoft Outlook email with the 2.0 version.I se the install Ad-Aware Outlook mail is in Control Panel Add/Remove XP,so I opted for a third party uninstaller.Smarty uninstaller or even Revo there are many free ones out there,we know these remove every thing plus the kitchen sink so I removed this Email stuff lock stock and barrel. First of all I rebooted the PC,I then went back to Ad-Aware into Settings Awatch Live and enabled all and even put a check mark in notify me only about important events,I then rebooted a couple of times still checking that the settings had not changed,and to my amazement all is working fine now,well at least for forty eight hours or so. I do use an optimizer on this PC and I have toggled the memory down some what and decreased the menu delay. [url=""][/url] So far this has cured this problem,but I am not letting Ad-Aware off the hook yet so programmers get busy and sort it.
  10. [quote name='casey_boy' post='117345' date='Feb 25 2010, 11:03 PM']Hi, Whilst I agree that 8.2 does have issues (I and the other volunteers here have made reports about them) it is the first time that either of your problems have been mentioned here in the support forums. Have you contacted the support team about these two issues? Casey[/quote] Support Chat..Yes the first and many times with attachments for 8.0.early November 2009 not resolved. The latter with 8.2.0 version is a nightmare for many so what support do you think I will have none,I don't write the scripts or code the programs,I have better things to do with my life for the present. I have left a reply in one other thread,I am not blaming you or any body else thanks at least for reading this. PS.I usually go to support Lavasoft but I had five minutes to check this forum and gosh what a lot of problems.
  11. [quote name='LS thekim' post='117157' date='Feb 22 2010, 01:37 PM']This issue has been reported in our bug reporting system, bug #3511 A workaround for this is, as Casey says, to disable the Files Protection feature until we have resolved it. /Kim - Lavasoft Support[/quote] Why should I disable the files protection feature in my Windows !! I have the same problem its about time they got it sorted.. [url=""][/url]
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    I have been in the PC business around thirty years,it upsets me to se yet again Ad-Aware going in the wrong direction,I have used most editions in the years,the Pro edition is what I have now and its never been what you would call a no hassle program,I have had one or two support issues over from November 2009 which to this day have not been solved,but thats another story. I can sympathize with all these customers that bought this product Ad-Aware 8.2.0 its not good enough,I have picked up one or two problems myself with the Pro version 8.2.0 ,if I go into the toolbox and select Autostart Manager it states Scanning system resources and it states system can not find the file specified what a load of cobblers.The other item I must rant on about is the total amount of ram it requires when " all " is implemented in Ad-Aware, in other words when Ad-Watch Live is running my system shows 190mb ram being used for this program,which in turn drags some of my window stuff down (slow xxxxxx slow),so I have disabled Ad-Watch Live and then it only uses 15.5 ram,this program is getting bloated its a shame. I have not decided yet if I will continue after my license expires. PS.I don't think the support team that write the scripts or implement the coded programs are on the ball thats my opinion.