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  1. YES! I have had exactly the same problem! A brand new dell laptop i3 processor running windows 7 The laptop cam with McAfee trial, which I think will run for 30 days? I wanted AdAware, so purchasde Adaware Plus. confirmed version 8.2.0 OH DEAR!! Cue the start of critical issues! The laptop would not boot up successfully Mcafee keeps wanting to run checks saying the laptop ic=s not protected! Windows is shown on desktop as being not a valid copy Clicking on anything takes 30 mins + to achieve function I read your post and tried your suggestion! After messing for another couple of hours to boot then open AdAware and navigate to settings; I deselected file protection from AdWatch. Hey Presto! Immediate remedy!! Thanks for posting, this must be affecting many!! If file protection is no longer active, surely the PC is more at "risk", than it should be?! I hope Lavasoft are sorting a fix for this? I want to see this issue resolved ASAP! I may consider upgrading to AdAware Pro, what is the consensus of opinion? Maybe Lavasoft can sort out a free upgrade, by way of apology for this issue?