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  1. I thought I had purchased a good product until Ad Aware started detecting malware from product that I have trusted for a long time. I have used Easy Hide IP because it is the ONLY address changer that will function using MSN Explorer. It was turned off without asking. I went in an edited the rules [u]only to have them changed back by Ad Aware[/u]. I have also used Advanced Privacy Cleaner for years only to have it cripped by AA for a Trojan. I had used Avira Antivirus Premium without any detections. I also was forced to remove Avira because Ad Aware will not function with active protection with any other anti virus software installed. I have the Ad Watch Live! turned off and now the program will NOT load at start up and may or may not load at all. I will NOT remove either Advanced Privacy Cleaner, nor East Hide. Any solution to bypass or edit the rules and have them stick? I had to reinstall Avira in order to be protected. I guess that I can use it if I get redirected by hijacking or suspect "real" malware. Thanks for any help in this matter, it is appreciated!