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  1. Hello friends.. I have been reading a couple of threads and searching online, but found nothing useful. Well, I have Ad-Aware 2008 on my computer. Whenever I click on "scan", I get a "Program Not Responding" message and my computer crashes. I tried to uninstall it from 'Add and Remove Programs', but got an error message "Could not open INSTALL.LOG file". Can anyone provide me solution for this error? Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. A few months ago I got a HP Pavilion laptop from [url=""][/url]. It was working pretty fine, but last weekend suddenly the Windows XP crashed, so I reinstall it and also install Lavasoft AdAware for the first time on my laptop. But the problem is that whenever I gonna open Lavasoft AdAware it close down immediately with an error message says 'I may not have permission to access this'. Can anyone help me to fix this problem? Thanks in advance.