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  1. [quote name='cressy' post='118481' date='Mar 31 2010, 05:43 PM']I got that yesterday also. All I did was click the close or was it cancel button, can't remember the wording, and it went away and has not come back.[/quote] The problem is it's not giving that option on my wife's PC. And it took a while to give me that on mine.
  2. Does anyone have a fix for the Lavasoft popup I am getting using the free version that doesn't go away? On my PC after 2 hours the popup finally asked if I wanted to purchase or continue using the free version. On my wife's computer the popup has been there for 14 hours and going. Rebooting and restarting services is not resolving. It's 2 inch by 1 inch transparent windows that darkness when the mouse hovers over it and always wants to be on top of all other windows. Moving it off the screen has been my only solution at this point. Using 8.2.1 on Windows XP Pro. Thanks in advance! -Darrin