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  1. [quote name='visitor' post='118623' date='Apr 4 2010, 04:28 PM']Just in case you tried, the login for Lavasoft Customer Support is not the same as for this forum. Be sure to use the email/password from when you registered Ad-Aware in February.[/quote] yeah i have done all that io know that loging on to lavasoft is different from forum i have loged on i just get a webpage that opens up and say customer support is for paying customers, for some reason they dont have my email on there database im pretty sure its a staff error. can you just past this along to the customer support guys for me, because everytimei log in aty lavasoft customer support page iit just says my email is not ont here database and i cant a get access to there customer support, i have tried it all.
  2. [quote name='visitor' post='118613' date='Apr 4 2010, 06:19 AM']Contact Lavasoft Customer Support via the link in my signature. They have both email and live chat support, and should be able to sort out your license.[/quote] when i go to the customers furum it says they dont have my e-mail on there database, and they i cant acess there customer support.
  3. whoops forgot some stuff, i was useing windows vista 64bit b4, but then i upgraded to windows-7 reformatted my computer, and tried to downlaod and reRegister to ad-aware, it said my serial number was invalid. i could not find a verion of ad-aware pro to download online anymore. yeah just need dsome help find out why my serial number no longer works plz if anyone can help email me.
  4. yeah my serial number no longer works anymore, and i can not find a free version of ad-aware pro to downlaod online anymore, need a lil help here i just perchased the program in febuary. if anyone has any answers plz email me.