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  1. [quote name='visitor' post='119920' date='Jun 2 2010, 07:05 PM']Are you trying to install Anniversary Edition 8.0 or the latest version 8.2? I'm using Anniversary Edition and the pathway for the service executable is: "C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\AAWService.exe" If you don't have AAWService.exe at that location, try the command syntax in this post: [url=""];#entry111919[/url][/quote] I was using their latest install file. It stopped working quite a while ago, and I figured their newest would be more likely to work. It didn't. The CMD string you linked to is the same as referenced on the sticky referring to this problem, and it didn't work, but thanks. I assumed that after entering it at the prompt, I should hit enter to insert it. I got the long Syntax explanation, so I figured it did what it was supposed to do, but no result after rebooting. I even re-downloaded the install file, and cleaned about everything off my system I thought might be interfering. After uninstalling using Revo, I tried again with the same results. And, for what it's worth, the actual error message is, "Failed to connect to service". I got it wrong in my original post. Thanks a lot, though.
  2. I have followed each step on the "unable to connect to service" sticky, and I still cannot get the program to open. I have removed every program that I thought might interfere, BitDefender and IOBit Advanced System Care and Security 360. I have installed Ad-Aware, removed it with Revo, and reinstalled it a couple of times with a fresh install program download. I have also entered the instructed command at the CMD prompt. Despite all of these, there is still no path to executable on the properties page (right click on Lavasoft Ad Aware in Services) in the Services menu. My guess is that is why the program cannot open - there is no instruction as to where to look to open the program. I can't figure out how to get an address in there, and therefore still get the "unable to connect to service" message.. Are there any other tricks to try? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.