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  1. [quote name='cressy' post='118762' date='Apr 7 2010, 02:15 PM']Make sure that you don't have any other anti virus software running. Have you updated the software to v8.2.2? Even if you don't have another anti virus software running try temporarily turning off Files Protection and see if your computer returns to normal operation to see if that is what is causing this. Also since you have a paid version you can contact [url="http://www.lavasoft.com/support/supportcenter/"]Customer Support[/url] by email or live chat[/quote] Well I do have McAfee running and have no choice due to work. Is there a way to only use Ad-aware plus for protecting you against trojans when web browsing?
  2. I don't understand... the free verison was so impressive! Ad-aware plus completely consumes all my system resources! (and I'm not on a skimppy laptop) All I really want it for is to monitor for trojans when I browse the web real-time. I've turned off email scan. It's so bad that I cannot even attempt to work with it running... and I've now removed the software. Looking for a refund, but would rather it just work! I'm running WinXP Pro with 3gb of memory on an Intel CoreDuo 2.20GHz CPU. Any ideas?