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  1. [quote name='visitor' post='119020' date='Apr 16 2010, 07:13 AM']I reopened/merged the 2 topics. Did you try Addicustard's process?[/quote] No I have not tried this. As I'm developing webpages on this machine and has both Visual Studio 2005 and Microsoft Expressions 3 on this machine so don't I actually want to do this step. Hard to now what will be malfunctioning afterwards. Even Addicustard was a bit curious about whats will stop working [quote]...Who knows how many other applications/games I've broken in the meantime by removing the dozen or so redistributables I had out from underneath the software that needs them....[/quote] As i'm for the moment behind a firewall and running Nod32 on my machine do I feel that my priority is stable programs over also having AdAware Free. If I was using AdAware Plus as source for protection might my priorities be a bit different. Regards // Gerth
  2. Hi I made this morning a clean installation om Visual Web developer 2010 studio express. [topic="29084"]As this topic (29084)[/topic], covering the same issue, is closed do I submit a new thread as requested. The symtomps is similar, but the big difference is that I made an installation without removing any previous installations. I just installed the program - restarted the computer , and kabam AdAware (Free version) are broken I after this uninstalled AdAware, downloaded a new package from the Lavasoft site installed it and the problem persist. Regards Gerth