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  1. I'm definitely going to try this. I was completely baffled about why Ad-Aware started popping these up, and the other threads about the problem during a critical scan had me confused because I cannot even *load* the Ad-Aware software. I had just installed VS 2010 a few days ago so it has the be the problem. I will update to what I find to help anyone else. Thanks, I would have NEVER found the link here if not finding this thread. edit: *** UPDATE *** Like the OP, I found that installing Visual Studio Express 2010 broke my Ad-Aware 8.2 install. I tried installing the older version (8.1 I believe) but still got multiple pop-ups when booting or loading Ad-Aware. I uninstalled all Visual C++ redistributables listed under Add/Remove programs (Windows 7 Home, 64-bit here). I did *NOT* uninstall Visual Studio Express 2010. I am not sure it works now, but I did leave it in place. However, I did a re-install of Ad-Aware 8.2 and it works fine. Doing a scan now. Seems that the setup for VSE 2010 borks Ad-Aware or the C++ distributables.