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  1. After I have changed from Windows XP on Windows 7, the updates run for Ad-Aware Pro extremely slowly. Even if Ad-Aware became before constantly improved, Ad-Aware needs 15 minutes and more for the renews. Already this is not acceptable thus. Norton 360 carries out updates in maximum 2 minutes and runs off absolutely unobtrusively in the background, without one notes some decrease of the system achievement. Ad-Aware demands a belonging achievement of the CPU and remains unnoticed by no means. If automatic updates are put, the updates are still performed right away by the system start. Other programs are thereby disturbed while starting. Hence, in Ad-Aware a setting is urgently required, which allows automatic updates, which are not executed instantly by the system start.
  2. [quote name='cressy' post='119148' date='Apr 20 2010, 10:54 PM']Since you have a paid version of Ad-Aware you can contact Customer Support for email or live chat support. I looked at your pdf file and i don't see a problem. You selected the file to scan using the right click context menu and it shows that it scanned 1 object and it did not find anything wrong with the file. That is why there is nothing listed under results. cressy[/quote] Thanks for the fact that you have had a look at the PDF. I also suppose that now simply no more announcement appears if no injurious contents were found. However, till recently still an announcement was given by the programme in text form if one checked a single file or a marked group of files. I would find it better if an unequivocal announcement about the result appeared again like before. Barbapapa
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    file scans

    After the last update of Ad Aware Plus no result of the Scans is indicated on checking a file with a right mouse click more. A PDF appendix with such an example I add. I can check downloaded files at the moment only with Norton 360.
  4. Ad Aware plus blocks the ordering button on the Internet site of the translation software of PROMT. It concerns a trustworthy side with the Internet address [url=""][/url]. Norton 360 does not classify this side also as injurious. The payment is admitted even with PayPal, so that one does not need to call his bank data to the supplier of the software. The wrong announcement of AdAware is: injurious Internet site. IP address (port: 443) is blocked. I use the translation software of PROMT already for many years and also hold the inter trader ShareIt for trustworthy. I have received my software yesterday again reliably as a download after payment. The examination of the installation files with a right mouse click proved no injurious contents.