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  1. I'm currently runniung Windows XP and I recently updated Ad-Aware Free version to 8.2 and immediately started having problems. #1 - Update won't run: everytime I run webupdate it gets almost finished then has a connection error and shuts down #2 - System Scan won't run: everytime I run a system scan it interrupts in the middle and shuts down. I have found both of these errors in the forum as known errors with version 8.2, and it seems that the answer to this is to install the newest version 8.2.2 however my updater won't complete. I need to find a direct install link for version 8.2.2 but it seems that this doesn't exist. So I'm still stuck and can't even run Ad-Aware, despite the fact that this issue seems to be resolved I'm stuck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.