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  1. Hey, I'm still a demo user, which is about to expire in about a week. My question is there a plugin or additional software that will coexist with Ad-Watch Live that will better block popups? The older version just silently blocked them all and if it was a site you wanted to let popups work temporarily you would just turn off active monitoring, do your thing on the site, then turn it back on. From what i've seen of the demo for pro, i'm still occasionally getting popups sneaking through instead of the silent killer that Ad-Watch used to be. Thanks in advance, -Drop
  2. [quote name='visitor' post='119162' date='Apr 21 2010, 02:05 AM']I think they may have oversimplified the detailed info out of the program, i.e. the popup notification will tell you what application, but you have to make a choice and then see if you can get details in the advanced mode Ad-Watch/Registry screen or the logs. I'm just going off the user manual, as I'm still using Anniversary Edition. We've discussed the lack of detailed info with Lavasoft, but they seem to be targeting the "set it and forget it" market.[/quote] Thanks for the reply! May have to look at another product if that's the case and see if something has stolen that kool function from them! Thanks again! -Drop
  3. Hi, I was an old Ad-Watch user that when the registry tracker would come up for an allow / block, it would display what key was getting modified and what data was being put into it. Now looking at Ad-Aware / Ad-Watch again, downloaded the trial which is 8.2.2 and it appears that the Registry pops just for the application name trying to modify but no details. Is there a way to display in this version what key is being modified and what is being entered before having to click on the Allow or Block? Thanks in advance, -Drop