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  1. ok it came down to somehow after doing my fresh install of windows 7 I went online to get adaware first unprotected(has to get it to use it) and somehow I had to of gottin infected when I tried to download it. It was the first thing I did after win7 install. But I bombed the PC again and reinstalled windows and now it works fine sorry for the hassles. Thanks
  2. Ok I read about there error I seen in the forums with the Adaware has stopped unexpectedly and it did not help me.When I install Adaware free edition everyt thing goes fine then when I restart the PC Adaware tries to start but gives me the error of Adaware has stopped unexpectedly. I noticed this happens right after the [u]service[/u] tries to start. So I tried to start the service manually and it would not start and the same error popped up I really need some help here I have used your free edition for a long time never had issues with it before and would like to keep useing it. My windows is Wiindows 7 I have tried to run as admin I am fluent in windows 7 and UAC. I have tried it all but cant seem to get adaware to run