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  1. Running the Add/Remove Programs and doing a repair fixed the scanning problem. So thanks, Francois and Lyresa. My problem is solved. I have Ad-Adaware in compatibility mode as another antivirus program is my main program. Now I understand someone got the scan to work but haven't gotten some of the other features to work. So until this problem is resolved, I would suggest installing Ad-Aware Web Companion and if you have Google Chrome or Opera install Ad-Aware Safe Search, a Google Chrome add-on.
  2. If you have the scan working but don't have firewall or web protection, as one person suggested turn on Windows Firewall. For Web protection download Ad-Aware Web Companion: This will help until you get Ad-Aware Antivirus working properly.
  3. To get the removal tool to work, go to task master look at the process section and select all the occurrences of adaware with the exception of the adaware removal tool and click the End Task button. That should enable you to get the Adaware removal tool to work. It worked for me. Hopefully it will work for you.
  4. I got a fake antivirus scam virus on my computer. I got pop up boxes warning me that I had viruses on my system and that I needed to download a specific file to get rid of the viruses. The file tried to download a couple of times and I cancelled the downloading twice. I have McAfee Internet Security, PC Tools Spyware Doctor antispyware with antivirus starter edition, PC Threatfire, and finally Adaware Plus. I ran scans from all the programs listed. The last one I ran was Adaware Plus. It caught the malware and removed it. It also cleaned by boot sector. Way to go, Lavasoft!!!