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  1. That's absurd. Why would NOD32 affect AAW from starting? You disable an AV, to get protection from an AS? How does that logic work?
  2. Ad-aware SE can't remove Vundo or PurityScan. Neither can 2007.
  3. My question is just how and why this was released, when several beta testers have said they clearly told LS NOT to release this. Edit - I still am not sasitifed with the service, I've been told it is to extend the flexibility of the service. Why does AAW still fail to remove most basic infections? Why can a one-man tool do a better job than AAW can? That combined with it's huge memory usage makes AAW 2007 a total flop to start with.
  4. 5 Days later, I still have no response to my question. Is AAW's failed removals a bug in the engine or is it something else?
  5. Rubbish. Define 'final release'. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold_release#...ability_release Two minutes in this forum will show you this program has various bugs and thus should not be classed as a final/gold release. It is a final release product, but should have never been released as final. At best, this should have been a release candiate. I really don't know why all these bugs passed through beta testing, but then again nobody ever said software testing was perfect. However it is clear Lavasoft's products reliability has been decreasing for quite some time, AAW 2007 is clear proof of that. Lavasoft promise they are working on it, I sincerely hope they are, not just for their own sake but for the millions of people around the world that rely heavily on their software.
  6. Could you tell me please, based on that it adds more flexibility, why does AAW fail to remove Vundo completely? Let me guess, Vundo 'changed'? Bull. This is a serious disappointment to faithful users, and a serious embarrassment to the antispyware community. NOD32 = 28MB of memory at this current moment in time. AAW = 79MB of memory, and it's not even scanning.
  7. No Problem, and as to the night out - we all do it, having a little fun (Hope that hangover goes away quickly!) Great! Looks perfectly fine. I guess there are no other problems?
  8. sean, Sorry I didn't see it was in the HijackThis log too. Try this for me please; First, If Ad-watch is in Automatic mode, then please turn it off. Attached to my post is, like before, a file called homepage.txt Download it and rename it to .reg, launch it, answer Yes to the prompt and simply re-scan with HijackThis to see if it is still there. When you click 'Yes' at the confirmation prompt, Ad-watch and/or Windows Defender may kick in and tell you about the change (since, from what I can remember both monitor that registry key for any changes). If they do, then allow the change. When you re-scan with HijackThis, post the fresh logfile here. If it is still there, we can try a more agressive method. Let me know how it turns out homepage.txt
  9. Hey sean, You seem to have a stubborn registry item there.... Can you download this and run it for me please? We'll see if this gets rid of it, if not we will try a different method. Attached to my post is a file called remove.reg, download it and launch it. (When you double-click on it to run it, you'll be prompted with a message smiliar to 'Do you wish to add the information into the registry?', make sure you click Yes) No restart is needed, just simply re-scan with Ad-aware afterwards to see if it is still there. Some things never change Note: It seems this forum doesn't allow .reg files to be uploaded so, sean when you download it, rename it to remove.reg. Sorry about that. remove.txt
  10. FWIW Steve try increasing the attachment size limit, 500KB is an OK size but RegMon files, especially, can become huge very quickly....I have known RegMon be activated for a few minutes and the logfile be over 20MB in size....this would easily happen with a scanning program such as AAW....