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  1. [quote name='visitor' post='119559' date='May 15 2010, 02:42 PM']You mean Ad-Aware, not AVG, right? Lavasoft does bundle Chrome, but installation is optional. Aside from any monetary considerations, most likely Lavasoft views it as a more secure browser than IE as far as malware exploits.[/quote] Yeah, Ad-aware D'oh! Anyway if Lavasoft views a piece of spyware as secure then they have serious problems they need to resolve. It doesn't matter that it is optional. Lavasoft is explicitly endorsing spyware for money. Is that really acceptable?
  2. After a long time using Linux, I install to play a game. I remember back when I thought Windows was good(LOL) and it hit me that AVG is pretty darn good at what it does. So I download it, and try to install it. I am then shocked to discover that a anti-spyware tool is offering to install spyware(Chrome). Seriously? How low can you go Lavasoft? Yes, Chrome is spyware. Like all Google desktop and phone software it exists for one reason: to get data from you. That is spyware by definition. Bye bye Lavasoft!