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  1. [quote name='cressy' post='119597' date='May 18 2010, 12:09 AM']The problem is that there are still bugs in the Ad-Aware email scanner. These problems are being worked on. Open the Ad-Aware GUI and go into the Extras section, there you can enable/disable the email scanner. Or you can disable it in Outlook add-ons. The warning sound is most likely because your computer is getting a bit too hot when it runs at 100% CPU for any length of time. When it reaches the first threshold it gives a warning sound if it reaches the next threshold it shuts down the computer to avoid damage. Looks like you need to go Dust Bunny Hunting soon especially with the hotter weather coming upon us. cressy[/quote] Hi cressy, Hope this reply works properly! Disabling the email scanner worked thanks. I wonder how I will find out if and when they sort out the bugs. I am not so sure aout the two tone piezoelectric sound being due to dust and overheat at 100% CPU usage. The reason is myPC is just refurbished by engineer 10 weeks or so ago and the CPU is currently running at less than 5%. But anyway the sound has now gone off so that seems OK. Thanks again. Cheers, jonellbee
  2. I have loaded AdAware 8.2.3 [freeware] on the new desktop that I have bought sometime just after [not exactly sure when to the day] I got it. When I bought it I also loaded on MS Office 2007 including MS Outlook. I have a problem when Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 is launched on Windows XP. When it is the live window after about 10 mins. or so a repetitive sounds starts to be generated. It is a two tone signal like an emergency vehicle warning. As far as I can tell, the sound is generated not by the sound system but by the PC speaker or by the piezoelectric tweeter. As soon as I exit Outlook, the sound ceases. I have been baffled until today a small MS type message window came up [after I sent the auto error report] suggesting something [it did not say exactly what] in AdAware was causing this. Any ideas guys? Thanks in advance if you can help me. jonelbee