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  1. [quote name='65Cobra' post='119868' date='May 31 2010, 07:02 PM']That's great news... In the meantime I'll still post my progress... The Suppress Notifications setting is stored in \Users\All Users\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\settings.dat I verified this file constantly changes back and forth between one of the two backups I made... one was made when Suppress Notifications was checked... the other was made when it was unchecked. The file just changed at 1:22 PM so I took a look at Norton's Security History. It shows an Unauthorized Access Logged (Access Process Data) with the same time. Here are the Advanced Details of that log... Actor: aawservice.exe Actor PID: 1368 Target: ccsvchst.exe in the Norton directory Target PID: 1848 Action: Access Process Data Reaction: Unauthorized Access Logged I'll check to see if this log is present each time the settings.dat file changes.[/quote] I have the same problem with u , can u teach me ?